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Stress Hair Loss Treatment That Really Works?

Does stress cause hair loss? This is one of the many questions people ask when seeking treatment for common causes of hair loss. Genetics or hereditary hair fall is the most common type of hair loss, and many people don’t know that they can get hair loss from stress. In our post today, we are going to explain more about hair loss caused by stress and the various available treatments. Keep on reading for more insights. 

Does stress cause hair loss? 

If you are among the people who ask this question, the answer is yes. Extreme stress can lead to thinning hair or hair loss. The type of hair loss caused by stress is known as telogen effluvium. Stress-related hair loss is only temporary and is usually triggered by major physiological changes such as emotional stress, childbirth, weight loss, and undergoing surgery.
The hair growth process consists of three phases: shedding, transition to growth, and growth. About 8–10% of hair is usually in the shedding phase at any given time. When a person is affected with telogen effluvium or hair loss related to hair loss, 50 percent of the hair sheds off. When a person is extremely stressed, much of the body’s energy is focused on responding to the stress. This forces the affected hair to a quiescent, non-growth stage.

Does stress cause hair loss? Although this is a common response for many people undergoing stress, you should understand that stress on its own does not cause hair loss. It is the body’s reaction to stressful situations which causes hair loss. At this point, not all of us are affected by telogen effluvium the same way. Some people may not even undergo this type of hair loss when they are stressed because they are predisposed to it. 

The good news about telogen effluvium is that unlike other kinds of hair loss conditions such as pattern baldness, hair loss due to stress is temporary. This means that it is not going to last for a long time. Once stress goes away, your hair will start growing as it used to. However, it will take some time for your hair to its usual growth rate. There are various things that you can do to speed up the process. Patients are encouraged to treat this type of hair loss font the inside out abs from the outside in.
Most dermatologists and hair experts will tell you to combine several hair loss treatments in order to speed up the healing process. These techniques include exercise, relaxation, medication to help the patient calm down. There are other products that are available in the market today to reduce the effects of hair loss due to stress.

Home remedies to reduce effects of telogen effluvium hair loss 


The best way to avoid prolonged stress related hair loss is to find ways to reduce stress. As we mentioned, stress does not directly cause hair loss, but the body’s chemical reaction to extreme stress. Perform activities that make your body, mind, and soul relax. Meditation, yoga, or dancing will help you get your mind off other stressful issues that are currently affecting you. 

Hair massage 

Hair massage is another home remedy to stop stress-related hair loss. Use a little shampoo water to wash your hair, and afterward, use the type of hair oil that goes hand in hand with your hair type. Use your fingers to gently massage your hair. Massaging the scalp is also a good idea because it helps to increase blood circulation into the scalp. 

Avoid excess drinking and smoking 

Alcohol is not good for your hair because it tends to cause dehydration. Therefore, if you indulge in too much drinking, try to stop and reduce the intake amount. Smoking, on the other hand, is toxic to your scalp because it reduces blood circulation to the scalp. 

Other treatments for telogen effluvium 

Minoxidil (Rogaine) 

Many dermatologists recommend using the active ingredient of Rogaine, which is called minoxidil. Using this kind of medication reduces the effects of stress-related hair loss in women by encouraging hair growth. Using this hair growth medication helps to prolong the growth phase and also enhances the functions of the hair follicles. You will have to apply the form type of minoxidil every day for weeks or months if you want to see its effects. This will ensure that you restore your hair to its usual growth rate after a traumatizing experience.


If you are affected by telogen effluvium, which is stress related, there are various home remedies and treatments that you can try out. There is no requirement to opt for expensive hair restoration treatments because hair loss related to hair loss is temporary, and it will subside once stress goes away. You can get rid of stress by relaxing your mind with yoga and other meditation exercises. 

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