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who invented the lifestraw filter?

billion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water. Indeed those that have access to water sources don’t have a simple way of transubstantiating the water into clean, safe drinking water. Waterborne pathogens are a huge problem for the terrain and mortal health. Waterborne conditions cause by drinking polluted or dirty water. defiled water can beget numerous types of diarrheal conditions, including Cholera, and other serious ails similar to Guinea worm complaint, Typhoid, and Dysentery. Water-related conditions beget3.4 million deaths each time.


Fortunately, a clever little design has come to the deliverance in the form of the LifeStraw filter. LifeStraw filter pollutants convert polluted water into clean, safe drinking water.

The cigar-sized plastic tool is both a feat of engineering and an affordable way to deliver drinkable water to those who need it. LifeStraw filter delivers the utmost introductory requirements and purifies water from implicit pathogens like typhoid, cholera, dysentery, and diarrhea, getting one of the icons of philanthropic product design.

The LifeStraw filter drinking straw was named “ One of Ten effects that Will Change the Way we Live ” by Forbes magazine. By the time the water hits your lips, it’s fully safe and drinkable. Each product in the LifeStraw filter portfolio is designed for a specific situation where safe water is demanded but not readily available.


In 1986, estimated3.5 million people in 21 countries in Africa and Asia suffered from the largely enervating Guinea worm complaint.

In 2014, there were only 126 cases in four countries. This puts the Guinea worm complaint on track to be only the alternate mortal complaint in history, after smallpox, cancel. It’ll be the first to exclude without the use of a vaccine.

There’s no vaccination or treatment for Guinea worm complaint, yet important work has been done to help it by furnishing access to safe drinking water and education. The Carter Center has led the trouble through its Guinea Worm Eradication Programme.

In 1996, Vestergaard began working with the Center, and since that time, more further than 37 million LifeStraw filter ® Guinea worm pipe and cloth pollutants hand in to help fight Guinea worm complaints.


In January 2014, the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, opened a new exhibition” Preamble to Zero Defeating Disease.” Launched in collaboration with the Carter Center, the exhibition tracks the progress to exclude Guinea worm and other ruinous conditions Case Study The LifeStraw filter® Family water sludge was use in the study. LifeStraw ® technology has entered multitudinous awards.

The LifeStraw filter® Family sludge meets the loftiest WHO and US EPA norms for microbiological performance and delivers at least,000 liters of safe drinking water, enough to supply a family of five with safe drinking water three times or further.

A new interpretation of the sludge, which incorporates a safe storehouse chamber, costs about$ 30 or about$1.20 per person per time.

The World Health Organization stated in a recent report that “ ménage water treatment( HWT) interventions may play an important part in guarding public health being water sources, including those delivered via a piped network or other advanced sources, undress, don’t treat duly or come defiled during distribution or storehouse. ” This can make an immediate difference in the lives of healthy people and those who are HIV positive.“ This study and others with also emotional results should help demonstrate to governments and patron groups that ménage water interventions are important tools for perfecting the health of vulnerable people,” said Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen, CEO of Vestergaard Frandsen. The company’s LifeStraw filter® Family water pollutants use in the study.


Mikkel Vestergaard Frandsen is the CEO and proprietor of Vestergaard, a global public health company devoted to perfecting the health of vulnerable people, especially those who live in developing countries.

The LifeStraw filter product line began when Vestergaard constructed LifeStraw Guinea Worm, a plastic pipe sludge to strain out Guinea worm naiad( and help Guinea worm complaints) for The Carter Center. Also, LifeStraw has acclimated to fulfill a variety of requirements across the developing world.

In addition to the LifeStraw filters, Vestergaard has contributed numerous other innovative technologies to the developing world, including the long-lasting insecticidal bed nets, and PermaNet, which have served further than one billion people.

Mikkel knows internationally as a visionary leader who’s willing to challenge the status quo and take pitfalls when necessary to produce innovative results. Vestergaard’s game-changing results contribute to a healthier, more sustainable earth by fighting conditions including malaria, HIV/ AIDS, diarrheal complaint, and neglected tropical conditions. fresh company enterprise work to alleviate climate change and drop hunger and malnutrition by enhancing food security.

  • Filter Pore Size: 0.1μm ceramic membranes cartridge
  • Filter Capacity: 5,000 liters( 1320 gallons)
  • Output: Approx. 500ml/min
  • Stage: Hollow Fiber Ultra Membrane, Activated Carbon Filter, Double PP Cotton Fiber
  • Features: Removes over 99.99999% Bacteria, Parasites, and micro-plastics; Reduces Turbidity, and heavy metal; Adsorbs chlorine, VOCs, odors; etc.

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