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Write revenue-generating texts with ease

Writing for the internet requires more from you than “just writing a text”. For example, what about findability in Google, is SEO really such a thing? And how do you persuade the reader to become a customer? Do you struggle with questions like:


Which elements are important for SEO?

Nobody reads online anymore, while long texts actually score better in Google?

How do I touch the visitor so that they buy from me and not from the competitor?

How do I encourage action with my words?

Then you are in the right place. You will learn it all in the ‘Writing for the web training.


Not a boring theory, but after a number of useful tips you can get started in practice. And my personal feedback on your texts; maximum 10 pieces, up to 6 months after training. For 795,- you don’t hire a copywriter yourself to write all your web texts…


SEO copywriter Nathan Veenstra of Letterzaken Online Marketing in Apeldoorn


“Last Tuesday we had SEO training from Nathan Veenstra. I thought this was one of the best workouts we’ve had so far. Nathan presented and explained his story with passion. In addition, the many practical examples that he applied in his lesson made it all a lot clearer. “


– student Avans University of Applied Sciences


After this workout:


you understand which search terms are relevant and which are less so so that you write texts that will really generate revenue.

you know how your texts contribute to findability for those search terms, while you still write high-quality texts.

use words that subtly and neatly excite visitors, making them greedy and eager to buy.

structure your web texts, so that visitors actually read texts.

In short, you are an expert in writing for the internet and you, therefore, deliver revenue-generating texts. How to get local SEO experts in Bangladesh



In October 2012, I started Letterzaken, as a copywriter with (still limited) knowledge of SEO. Soon I was in the top 10 for the search term ‘SEO texts’ and then I knew I had it covered. In the years that followed, I delved further into both SEO and online influencing, which I apply in the texts for my clients. I share all my knowledge of the past years with you in this training.


Since 2014 I have been providing training on SEO, both open enrollment training and tailor-made training. I also gave training courses for the web editors of the Province of Gelderland and TU Delft Library.


In addition to these training courses, I am also a guest lecturer at Avans University of Applied Sciences and I am regularly asked to speak on SEO and online marketing. As a trainer I score a 9.2 at Springest.


SEO SpecialistOnline persuasion qualified individual Nathan Veenstra – Master Online Persuasion



In the Writing for the web training, there is plenty of room for your questions. In any case, the following topics are covered:


writing style

  • How do you apply SEO in your texts?
  • How do you encourage the reader to take action?
  • How do you write the best page titles and meta descriptions?
  • Which elements are indispensable in a web text?

We will also work with a page of web text, to immediately put what we have learned into practice.

Because this training takes place in a small group, there is plenty of room for your specific wishes. In addition, you will receive feedback on your texts in the month after the training.

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