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Scoring SEO points on every page is a sport

You can score SEO points on every page. It may be more work than it used to be, but it’s worth it to be able to rank better. The better you do your homework, the better it goes. I work for many different clients and I always enjoy making every page as optimal as possible. This is my most important top 10 to score SEO points.


 1. Keyword in the title of the page

The title of the page should contain the main keyword, as the first word whenever possible. And Google should also be able to see that this is the most important title (Heading 1). The website builder must have arranged this properly.


2. Introduction text bold and with a keyword at the beginning

You can also score SEO points with the introduction (the beginning of your body text). Personally, I always enjoy working with bold introductory text. Again, it is best to make sure that the most important keyword or keyword combination is first. That is what happened on this page. I want to score on SEO points.


3. The keyword subheadings

Google must also be able to recognize these headings well and find the keyword in them or else a synonym for it.


4. Images with keywords in the name

Every image you put on a page must contain the keyword in the name and, for example, your company name. Put a flat line in between (no underscore). For example, 


5. Important: ALT text for ANY picture

This is one of the most difficult habits to learn, but it also yields SEO points. Give each image an ALT text. That is the text that Google shows on a page if the image itself cannot be displayed properly. Always put the keyword in the alternative text. It is a kind of confirmation to Google what the image is about and if that has everything to do with the page the image is on, then you score with that. Here you will get ideas about the on-page SEO checklist. 


6. Page titles and Meta Description with keywords

I no longer fill a website without an SEO module and, as you may already know, I am always very happy with the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress from  Yoast. This gives you extra fields to fill in what you want Google to show for each page in the search results. See my blog about how Google shows your business in search results. And also relevant to be found better.


7. SEO points due to sufficient text about your topic

Google assumes that the more information you can provide on a page about a certain topic, the more you are an expert in this area. That is relevant to Google because they want people who search for something to arrive at a page as quickly as possible where they can find the complete answer. That is why a minimum amount of 300 words is recommended and you really earn SEO points. It sounds a lot, but through optical adjustments with subheadings or, for example, by offering text behind tabs. Google also reads the hidden text!


8. Include a relevant external link

Google appreciates it if you give your readers an opportunity to learn more about a specific item or company in your text elsewhere on the internet. That is why I have included a link above and again to the  Yoast website.


9. Internal links to relevant pages

Links to other relevant pages on your own site also always work well. Especially if they are about the same topic or related topics. I therefore cordially invite you to read a little more about  SEO developments. A page on this site that I wrote some time ago. Make sure you don’t use ‘click here’ anymore and provide it with a link. Ideally, your keyword or a synonym should also appear in the link text.


10. Call to action at the bottom of the page

At the bottom of each page, you should include a call to action, an invitation, or an option for the reader to click further or request more information. In the text for this option, include your most important keyword again and make it bold. “Want to know more about keywords? Feel free to contact us at…”. And with this, I would like to close my blog in this way.


More information?

When writing this page I have adhered to the SEO rules and I expect to score good SEO points. In any case, the SEO plugin from Yoast shows me the page analysis that I’ve been doing well. I scored a green ball on all points and that is of course very nice. Thanks, Yoast!


I am of course happy to tell you more about scoring SEO points. Because believe me, there are even more tips for scoring SEO points and also plenty of tips on what not to do. And if you don’t have the time for it, I’m happy to take the work off your hands. Because I love doing it so much 🙂

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