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How Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) Helps In DIGITAL MARKETING?

Today’s successful businesses must embrace AI technology as an essential part of doing business in the 21st century. Eighty-four percent of CEOs believe that AI helps their firm maintain a competitive edge, and 47% of digitally mature businesses (those with advanced digital processes) currently have a clear AI strategy. In this article, we’ll discuss the influence of AI on digital marketing and demonstrate how you may use this technology to your advantage.

Understanding Artificial Intelligence

Computer scientists use artificial intelligence (AI) to train machines to understand and behave like humans. To put it simply, artificial intelligence (AI) is any system or tool that can perform activities normally performed by humans using their own simulated intelligence.

According to the information provided, AI has designed a new intelligent machine that can reason, communicate, and carry out tasks in the same way humans do.

As the discipline of computer science continues to grow and expand, artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in a wide variety of R&D endeavors throughout the globe. However, AI has the potential to learn and reason like humans and may one day even exceed human intellect. The impact of AI on people’s daily life is often understated.

Consider the case of transport. Taking a vehicle to the workplace is a way to spend excessive time waiting around. Artificial intelligence (AI) may save you time on your commute by delivering real-time information for navigation applications so they can account for things like traffic, construction, and accidents. AI can help ensure you have a positive experience in public transit.

Advantages of Using AI in Online Advertising

Automation is one way in which AI improves productivity. As a result, individuals have more free time to attend to other matters. However, that’s not the only perk AI has to offer. Here are a few more ways to use AI in digital marketing to help your business.

Enhancements To Both Customization And Suggestions

Customer engagement with marketing content is evolving. Earlier forms of advertising, such as those in the media or by snail mail, are proving ineffective nowadays.

Advertising that isn’t tailored to each individual is unlikely to get much response. However, a significant uptick in sales for businesses that emphasize individual customers (43 percent).

Personalized marketing messages increase consumer engagement. For example, Experian found that emails with targeted subject lines were 26% more likely to be opened. Another 79% of respondents to a worldwide survey by Marketo indicated they are only inclined to utilize brand promotions if they are uniquely matched to their prior interactions.

With the help of AI, businesses can tailor their messages to each customer rather than just the broad demographics they used to focus on. This technology is effective because it can foresee customers’ behaviours based on data gleaned from their prior experiences with a brand. This allows marketers to target leads with the most relevant material and messages at the optimal moments to increase the likelihood of a sale. Nearly everyone has used the personalized suggestions provided by Amazon and Netflix.

Integration of Insights

AI’s unique contribution to digital marketing lies in the integration of customer insights. Marketers now have access to a wealth of information on their customers’ habits thanks to “Insights” features built into many platforms that use digital marketing strategies. According to Forrester’s estimates, businesses and organizations prioritizing insights will gain an annual advantage of $1.2 trillion over their less data-driven rivals.

The word “insights” is used here to refer to the measurements used to evaluate the success of a piece of content. In Instagram’s example, it may be the number of likes, comments, and saves. Likewise, the quantity of times a piece of content has been shared on Facebook may also be shown. To do this, digital marketers increasingly turn to AI to analyze consumer data and track how their target audience reacts to online advertising. As a result, insights not only inform marketers on how their target demographic interprets a given post but also serve as a metric against which to evaluate the success of future marketing initiatives.

Helping Out Customers Chatbots

Maintaining a presence on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and others may be costly, which have grown more popular as a means for consumers to contact businesses.

Some businesses now use chatbots to respond instantly to frequently asked questions from clients at all hours of the day and night, thereby reducing the burden and increasing response times. Chatbots may be trained to respond automatically to common inquiries and to escalate the discussion to a human if the query is too complicated for a predetermined list of answers. This results in less time spent on administrative tasks and a lighter burden for customer care representatives, who can focus on interactions that require a more human touch.


Because AI is now so pervasive in our devices and our everyday lives, we can easily enjoy its advantages as users. Marketers, however, need to tap into AI’s promise to improve customer experiences, build brand loyalty, and increase revenue. Unfortunately, marketers have a lot of new things to keep up with, and AI is but one of them.

Thus, AI may assist in the development of a more effective strategy for digital advertising. Artificial intelligence (AI) is not here to replace marketers and advertisers; rather, it’s here to assist them in realizing their full strategic and creative potential. To keep up with the latest AI development in the advertising and marketing industry, professionals SEO Wollongong in these fields must adapt their methods and those of their clients.


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