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What Exercise Can We Do During Periods?

Periods are an absolute nightmare for every woman. Exercising during your periods seems like a bad idea. Especially if you suffer from painful menstrual cramps, you just want to lie down with your hot water bag. But exercise during periods has various health benefits. 

Exercise triggers the secretion of endorphins in the body, which can help elevate your mood. Exercising during periods can help alleviate PMS symptoms like mood swings and irritability. Endorphins have the potential to naturally provide relief from pain and help in reducing menstrual cramps. 

Women feel the most uncomfortable during the first two-three days of their periods. Even the thought of exercising makes them feel uncomfortable. But after knowing the benefits, women often wonder which exercise is best during periods

While heavy workouts are not encouraged, some light exercises can work wonders when you are on your period. Here are some of the best exercises that you can try while you are on your periods:

  • Walking

A brisk walk is the best thing you can do during your periods. The low-intensity aerobic exercise is excellent to make your lungs function properly during your menstrual cycle. A brisk stroll around the park or garden in the evening can help you burn some calories. It will also trigger endorphin secretion and make you feel good.

  • Yoga

If you are strictly against conventional exercise during periods, yoga is the best option. Within seconds, some yoga stretches, and breathing exercises can uplift your cranky and irritable mood. Yoga is highly beneficial in relieving typical period symptoms like bloating and cramping. However, inversion-type yoga poses might be too uncomfortable during periods. 

  • Dancing

Contrary to popular belief, dancing can actually help you during periods. Dancing is fun, but you will not prefer hitting the club during your periods. But a Zumba class is the perfect place for some dance moves while on your periods. Dancing can burn extra calories and elevate your mood at the same time.

  • Running

It might not be possible to go for a run when you are bleeding heavily. But in the latter days of the cycle, going for a slow run is a great idea. Whenever you are feeling uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to take a break. Don’t overdo it, and stop the minute you start feeling nauseous. A good run helps in reducing cramps and irritability during periods. But hydration is essential whenever you go for a run.  

  • Pilates

Pilates is quite trendy in recent times as it holds the potential to relax the body. Women who practise pilates during periods stay healthy and calm. It can help in relieving psychological PMS symptoms. Pilates also helps in balancing chemicals in the brain and reduces stress. These exercises can build core strength and lower the intensity of menstrual cramps. Since pilates targets particular muscle groups, customise the exercises according to needs. 

  • Swimming

Many girls can’t stand the idea of getting into the pool during their periods. But it is one of the most gentle exercises to try out during your periods. Opt for swimming during the later part of your cycle when the flow is light. The counter-pressure of water prevents you from bleeding out. Use tampons for increased protection while you are in the pool. Even doctors suggest swimming during periods. Especially if the water is cold, women are likely to bleed less. 

  • Strength Training

Women who are fitness freaks often feel guilty about not being able to hit the gym during periods. But when intense cardio seems overwhelming, strength training is excellent. However, reduce the volume and intensity of your strength training while on your periods. If you usually do three sets during strength training, limit it to two sets. 

You should also opt for lighter weights. Light-lifting coupled with some power moves can improve muscle strength and flexibility. But it is ideal to get back to training with normal weight during the end of your period. Women can also increase their weight during the end of their period as they start to feel more energised. 

  • Stretching

If you don’t feel like doing any other exercise, you can opt for light stretches. Light stretches are another way of feeling better during periods apart from rolling on the bed. Stretching relaxes the muscles and helps you gain relief from the period-pain. Also, it’s a great way to keep yourself flexible even during periods. 

Women with heavy flows or painful periods can opt for light stretching exercises. Take deep breaths while stretching to further relax your muscles. 

Ending Note

Periods won’t be painful and difficult to deal with if you follow some of the best tips to stay active. Give these exercises a shot during your next menstrual cycle. Exercise during periods will make you feel better than simply couching up on the bed. Say goodbye to painful periods and live a healthy life.

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