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Which Is Better for Your Cat – Scratching Posts or Play Houses?


One of the most common dilemmas cat owners face is how to keep their pets happy, safe, and out of trouble at home while also keeping their furniture in one piece. Some pet owners will choose to purchase both cat scratching posts and cat play houses in order to keep their cats active, engaged, and entertained while also fulfilling their need to scratch. However, others will prefer just one or the other depending on their particular situation and the needs of their cats. This article takes a look at the pros and cons of each option so that you can decide which type of cat furniture might be best for your home and your kitty!

Why Do Cats Need to Scratch?

Cats will scratch to mark their territory and prevent other cats from marking in theirs. They also scratch as a way to shed old claws and maintain healthy new ones. When it comes to toys, cats love catnip, but what about scratching posts? Do they need both of these things to stay satisfied or is one better than another? To find out, let’s compare scratching posts and play houses.

The Advantages of Cat Furniture

Cat furniture is a great alternative to declawing your cat and can save you money as well. There are so many different types of cat furniture out there on today’s market, and it can be hard to know which one is best for your furry friend. The first type of cat furniture I’d like to talk about is scratching posts, specifically sisal scratching posts.

Does My Cat Need a Scratching Post or Cat Tree?

A cat scratching post or cat tree can be a great way to give your furry feline friend some added play space and a fun way to burn off energy. There are many options out there, but do you know which is better for your kitty? Before you make a decision, here’s what you need to know

How Do I Choose the Best Cat Post?

When looking at scratching posts, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, it should be tall enough for your cat to stretch completely when using it. And second, it needs to be sturdy—it should be able to handle vigorous scratching without toppling over or breaking apart. Finally, make sure that you place it in an area of your home where you don’t mind if your cat spends time scratching and playing.

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Post

What angle is relevant? Why is it important to you and your audience? Can you convince someone of an opinion (for example: I want people to believe that cat play houses are better than scratching posts)? How can you make it entertaining, provocative, or informative?

Why Do Some Cats Prefer Cat Trees Over Posts?

Cats need to scratch. If you don’t provide them with a post of their own, they will likely improvise and make due with what they can find—your furniture. One way to ensure your cats have a place to scratch is through cat trees, which also give them a space where they can play, exercise and sleep. These modern marvels even come equipped with toys that dangle down so your cat has something to chase.

What Should I Look For In A Cat Tree Or Post If I Have Multiple Cats?

One of the most common questions asked is What are cat trees and posts made of. The materials used to make them are important to consider because they will have an impact on your cats overall experience with their new piece of furniture. Choosing a quality cat tree or post made with durable, quality material will make all of your cats time on it more enjoyable while also helping it last longer.

How Many Do I Need, And Where Should They Be Placed Around My Home?

First, you’ll need to decide whether you want a scratching post (or posts) and/or a cat play house. I personally recommend both as they provide different benefits, but if you don’t have enough room in your home then one or the other may be all that is possible. When deciding how many scratching posts or play houses to get, it depends on how much room in your home each will require.

When And How Often Should My Cat Use Her Furniture Or Post?

While your cat doesn’t need a scratcher, she does need to scratch. To determine when and how often your cat should scratch, consider her personality and schedule. If she is an active animal who is regularly awake at night, then you may want to consider having a post available at all times.


My name is Shadman Sakib Khan and I am a blogger and SEO specialist for 4 years. I have helped businesses with their online marketing and social media needs for over 3 years, which has given me the opportunity to work with different companies from all around the world. In my free time, I enjoy exercising by running, lifting weights, or swimming.
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