Tips to Make Your Eye Makeup Pop in Different Events

For many of us, the eyes are the windows to the soul and one of our favorite traits, and we playfully let it sparkle. No matter the color, shape, or any other characteristic, every type of eye is beautiful, and there are many tricks to make your eye makeup sparkle. Your eyes are the most highlighted part of your face, and it is better that you make it as vital as it could be. That is why many companies make products that highlight these features, like custom eyelash packaging

Whether your makeup is natural or glamorous, you will feel great if you make your eyes glow. Here are some of the most important and easy ways to improve your eyes that anyone can do all year round. Summer is starting now. So, it is time to shrink our wardrobe. Additionally, we also need to tone down our makeup. With temperatures in the 90s, sweat can make it look like a liquid even if you’ve cleaned your face. So instead of accentuating every aspect of the face with heavy makeup, focus on the eyes.

Mosaic or the foundation is a must.

If you use the same foundation on your eyelids as your face, you may find that your eyeshadow gets smeared or smudged. It is because many makeup bases for the beginning are not formulated for the skin type of the eyelids. 

Instead, use a white primer for your lids — NYX Eyeshadow Primer and NYX Extra Large Milk Pen are great options. A white primer changes the way you apply eyeshadow, so take another look at the bold shadows in your palette. Base makeup not only maintains the look but also does double duty. It acts as a color corrector, so the shadows have a surface to adhere to, and the blended shades give the best color sheen.

Color your eyes world

eye makeupYour favorite party color is finally ready to wear during the day, too. Neutral shades are beautiful and bring out your glamour ideally, but colorful accents will make you stand out. Neon pinks and blues don’t necessarily have to stay in the clubhouse as elegance gives way to wild melange shades. Here is how to use cropped creases to complete a gorgeous peacock look.

White eyeliner makes your eyes wide.

Eyeliner can easily be used as a base for eyeshadow. It is a great eye makeup hack in your daily lifestyle. It is handy if you do not have the eye premier or foundation budget. You can use a white pencil to cover your dark spots. It is usually creamy so that the eye shadow can adhere well. 

Using a white eyeshadow pencil as a base, apply quickly and evenly over the lid with a stiff eyeshadow brush or fingers. Next, apply eyeshadow to the tops to create a lighter color intensity on the lids. Another plus is that since it is opaque, it adds intensity to the eye shadow color and helps even out the eyelid’s pigmentation.

Raise your eyebrows with tools

Thick black eyebrows are all the rage. You won’t miss the re-emergence of this iconic look on Instagram, magazines, TV shows, and websites. This trend is an easy way to make money because it gives you the bold eye you crave. Many people recommend expensive products. However, there are affordable eyebrow makeup products to help you achieve a finished and groomed brow.

The first thing to do is take good care of your eyebrows and pluck them as required. For more control, apply a little wax before powdering, or use a 2-in-1 product that acts like a wax, like Anastasia’s Dip Brow.

Use the angled brow brush to shape your brows gently. Try using the same color as your hair or a darker shade to find a color that suits your style. We also have a guide to help you choose the right brow color for your skin tone.

Contrast with Black eyeliner.

eye makeup

Just as white eyeliner is used as a base for eye makeup, black eyeliner can also enhance the vibrancy of eyeshadow. The trick, however, is to only use it as a base for dark or shadowy eyeshadows, as applying bright eyeshadow over a dark base like black can make it fade. Green, bronzer, brown, red, blue, and purple eyeshadow colors look amazing on top of black eyeshadow.

Final words

These are some tricks and tips to help you make your eye makeup pop in every event. Many makeup companies use eco-friendly cosmetic packaging to highlight each part of your eyes. It is advised to never skip on the quality when choosing eye makeup. Your eye makeup can highlight the best feature of your personality. 

Eye makeup is one of those things that need to be selected carefully. Bad quality eye makeup can harm your eyes, and you will be left with a horrible-looking pink eye. Make sure that you get the best eye makeup possible in the market. 

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