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Things To Know About Pap Smear Test

Most people want to know can you get a pap smear test at urgent care? Well, the answer is yes. Urgent care clinics provide these tests. Wilmington urgent care clinic is among the most popular clinics that offer these tests. As you know, health is wealth and always needs to come first. It is essential always to visit a gynecologist so that you may learn updates regarding your productive health.

Women need to undergo these tests because they help detect uterine and cervical abnormalities. Once these abnormalities are detected, they will be treated fast. This will help to prevent further advancement. Keep reading this article to understand everything about pap smear tests and answer the question: can you get a pap smear at urgent care?

What is a Pap Smear Test?

Pap smears are tests that are life-saving tools used by doctors to screen cervical cancer. Urgent care clinics provide these and HPV tests to help detect viruses early. If these tests come out unclear or abnormal, there is a sign of infection, cancer, or another health issue.

Why Should You Go for Pap Smear Test at Urgent Care

As noted earlier, pap smear tests are typically performed with other pelvic exams. If you are over 30 years, you should undergo this treatment with other pelvic exams like HPV. After turning 21 years old, most doctors will advise you to get a Pap Smear Test. You can undergo this test after every 2 to 3 years. But if you are 30 years and above, you should have the tests after 3 to five years. Suppose you are at risk of getting cervical cancer, this test should be performed frequently. You are the risk of getting cervical cancer if you have the following :


Once you have HIV, your body tends to have some changes. Some of these changes can affect the cell creation in the uterine or cervical walls. Apart from this, the condition can also result in subsequent infections. Because this virus makes your immune system weak, such infections tend to affect your reproductive şişli escort system. So you need to frequently go for these tests to ensure your cervix is healthy. Make sure you are carefully taking your medication if you are HIV positive and also keep your cervix and vagina healthy.

Cancer Remission

Suppose you already have cancer, you need to ensure that the recovery process progresses. These tests will help to make sure that these cells are not regrowing. Therefore, you require to make sure that your trips to the doctor are more frequent because these tests will help significantly reduce cancer causing cells.

A Weak Immune System

A chronic health problem can affect your immune system significantly. This is because infections or other abnormal cells will attack your cervix. A weak immune system is typically a result of intense chemotherapy or HIV.

It can as well be genetic. The best thing to do when your immune system is low is to plan an appointment with your doctor and get a Pap Smear test. This will help in identifying abnormal cells that might have occupied your cervix. Sometimes your mental health can determine your physical health. Suppose you have mental health issues, this can affect your immune system, and you will get sick every time. After understanding what is going on with your reproductive health, you can prevent particular health issues.

If you lack the right information about your health, you will be anxious. So make sure you are taking a pap smear test regularly. But there are some instances where these tests are not necessary, and these include:

After a Complete Hysterectomy Process

Suppose you had a surgical procedure that removes both your uterus and cervix, make sure to ask your doctor if pap smear tests are necessary. The test is unnecessary if the Hysterectomy removes the cancerous or precancerous lesion.

The Old Age

A woman who is 65 years and above does not need pap smear tests any more. But if you are 21 years and above, you are required to undergo these tests after every 2 to 3 years. It reduces to once in every 3 to 5 years when you turn 30 and is done together with HPV tests.

Advantages of Pap Smear Tests

Pap smears are highly beneficial to women. This is because they help you understand what is going on with your cervix and the entire reproduction system. The biggest benefit of this treatment is that it will help you know whether or not you have cancerous cells in your cervix. When doctors detect abnormal cells in your reproductive system, they will immediately remove them to prevent them from developing into cancer.

These tests will as well help in identifying and eliminating other dangerous viruses that might attack your reproductive system, like HPV. The HPV virus tends to affect the cervix and vagina, reasons in the reproductive system. It can as well result in the growth of cancerous cells. It is therefore essential for women over 30 years to undergo pap smear tests and HPV. Both tests are necessary because they offer critical information regarding any underlying health issue that may affect your cervix.

Final Thought

The answer to the question can you get a pap smear test at urgent care? Is yes, as you have read in the above text. There are many urgent care clinics that offer these tests. Visit an urgent care clinic near me and get your tests done to avoid any underlying ailments in your uterus. Urgent care clinic usually are the best place to go because there you will not have to wait for hours to get the tests done. Health providers at these clinics are ready to attend to you. Your assignment, therefore, is to make sure you find the best urgent care clinic and get your tests done. 


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