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How to Convert OLM File to ICS – Easy and Quick Method

If you’re looking for a reliable way to convert OLM file to ICS file, you’ve come to the correct spot. In this blog, we’ll show you how to utilize two different techniques to address this problem on your own.

Users may manage their calendars, emails, and contacts with Mac Outlook. If a user is moving data from Mac to Windows or another email client, he will need to convert his Mac Outlook calendar to ICS format.

ICS is a universal file format designed specifically for calendars, as we all know. We’ll also go through two approaches that consumers may utilize to remedy this issue quickly.

Free method to Convert OLM file to ICS format:-

As we already know that Mac Outlook supports OLM format to store the calendar along with emails and contacts. No other email application supports OLM file format besides Mac Outlook. There are certain times when users wants to access their Mac Outlook calendars to other email client, well in order to do that they first have to export their OLM emails to ICS.

Follow these steps to finish the procedure:-

1. Firstly, Launch Mac Outlook on your system.

2. Then, go to calendars option.

3. After that, select your calendar file and drag & drop it to the desktop.

4. Repeat step 3, to further drag and drop all of your calendar files.

Drawbacks of Free Method:-

1. You need Outlook for mac application to accomplish this task.

2. If you have corrupted files, then you will not be able to see them.

3. Manual Solutions does not maintain data integrity.

4. High chances of data loss and file corruption.

5. if you have orphan OLM file, then only the next method is feasible.

Now that I’ve covered the free method, let’s move on to expert-recommended solutions.

Expert Solution to Export Mac OLM files to ICS:-

Here’s how a professional can assist you in dealing with this issue. There are plenty excellent third-party applications to pick from. In this scenario, though, the OLM to PST Converter would be the best option. As a result, this tool may be used by anybody who has access to a computer. The entire procedure will just take a few seconds to complete.

In order to finish this process, follow the steps listed below:

1. First, Launch this software in your system.

2. After that, click the add file option and navigate to the OLM data file.

3. Then, Choose ICS as your saving format.

4. After that, select your required location to save the resultant file.

5. Then, to begin the procedure, click the export option.

Users may simply convert OLM file to ICS after completing this technique.

Unique Features of this Software:-

Export Mac OLM Files to ICS:-

Users may convert Outlook Mac data files to ICS format using this app. Therefore, it also gives customers a variety of saving options for converting their mails into. This application is simple to use for any user, from technical to domestic.

Transfer Mac OLM files in bulk:-

Users may quickly export mass OLM files to a single Outlook message format with this software. As a result, users may convert OLM file to ICS in the shortest period possible.

Mac OLM Files with Attachments to Export:-

This tool will effortlessly convert data files regardless of the file type of attachments. The nice part about this software is that it keeps the original format of the attachment intact.

Advanced Graphical Interface:-

This software has a sophisticated yet user-friendly graphical interface that makes it much easier for any user to use. This tool may be used by everyone, from professionals to home users, without any problems.

Preserves Data Integrity:-

During the procedure, this utility ensures data integrity and folder organization. It also helps to keep the data secure once the procedure is completed and keeps the data intact even after the operation.

Free Version:-

Users can export and save up to 25 OLM objects to ICS and other saving formats in the free version. Users can, however, purchase the tool’s licensed key.

Wrapping Up:-

In this blog, we have discussed the methods to convert OLM file to ICS. We have explained both free and Expert solution that can help users to resolve this query. However, free methods have their limitations too, the free method will take a lot of time and results are not 100% guaranteed.

In this scenario, it is better to use an Expert solution that we have mentioned in this blog. This tool allows users to save their Mac OLM emails to multiple file format besides ICS. Along with that, it also preserves data integrity and folder structure during the procedure. Besides that, this tool also make sure that your data stays intact even after the procedure.

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