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Salesforce QA Testing: All the Introductory Facts You Must Know


Salesforce is a popular software based on the cloud that is essentially used in industrial applications as CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) system. CRM is one of the most critical domains in distinct industries. Therefore, the software is widely in use because it ultimately renders the organization in bringing in more revenue. Furthermore, it also enhances performance and allows the organization to thrive. Now, there is a module within the software suite called Quality Assurance. It ensures the execution of all the processes as per the specifications. Considering the widespread application area, its demand is incrementally rising and has created a lot of opportunities in the global market. Therefore, you can receive top calls from prominent recruiters by employing the certification Salesforce QA Testing Online Course and imbibing all the necessary knowledge. Ensure consistency in your learning path and enter into the depths of the domain.

Now, let us now go into the depths of Salesforce QA Testing and understand all the basics that would help you in your profession.

Importance of Salesforce QA Testing:

Salesforce QA Testing is a popular testing method that users implement during the course of each development cycle to ensure the satisfaction of all quality requirements. It is an important process that makes sure that the products contain all the attributes and functionalities as per the roadmap specifications. This plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the product because it validates the fact that the product satisfied all the market standards. Moreover, it powers the developers to configure new changes whenever new features arrive. There are innumerable reasons why Salesforce QA should be an imperative procedure that every organization should follow. It essentially upgrades the products to bring more revenue.

Now, let us make headway to another section and take a glance at a few types of Salesforce QA Testing to understand its functionality in detail.

Types of Salesforce QA Testing:

Salesforce QA Testing offers multi-variate and end-to-end solutions for Quality Assurance purposes. The main areas where it is applicable include sales, customer service, automation, analytics, etc. Therefore, instead of being a monolithic product, it comes in types. Thus, it puts the impetus on each aspect of the quality of the product.

  • UAT Testing: In UAT Testing, the users check Salesforce to validate that the software can work as per the requirements. It also verifies that it can provide solutions for specific business needs. The process of testing the software against a test script depends upon the specific business practices. It ensures that the expected performance of the software is maintained.
  • Production Testing: It verifies the configurations and deployment of the code that the production environment contains. It primarily reiterates some of the tests that QA teams perform on other teams. Essentially, the purpose of this kind of testing is to make sure that the production environment has no impediments.
  • Load Testing: In this kind of Salesforce Testing, the testers make sure that the system is performing optimally in the application of a specific load. In simple terms, it checks that the system functions run normally when multiple users access the system at the same time.
  • Regression Testing: This process makes sure that the configuration deployment or code does not affect any old functionality of the Salesforce or existing user processes. It is one of the most common testing processes that are out there and is a crucial part of every other checklist.

Now, succinctly peruse one more section. Take note of the features that would further signify the function range of Salesforce QA Testing.

Features of Salesforce QA Testing:

QA Testing in Salesforce is a comprehensive process and requires numerous intuitive attributes. This is to make sure that there are defects in the process. The following points illustrate some of the core features that are essential in the process.

  • The QA Testing comprises different types such as UI Testing, integration testing, regression testing, etc. This is to ensure that there are no undetected impediments left anywhere.
  • Users also have the option of executing Automation testing on Salesforce. They can do that utilizing some prominent tools such as Selenium or HP Unified Functional Testing.
  • It should cover both positive and negative flow to encompass the function range of the software.
  • Prepares test data and documents test cases for validating the functionality of the application or reporting any defects. The testers also utilize tools such as HP ALM.
  • It pays special attention to the volatile nature of the visual force page. This is because all the elements available on the webpage may not arrive simultaneously.


Salesforce executes a lot of processes because CRM applications are extensive and contain a lot of elements. Therefore, to attenuate the chances of defects, it is essential to test multiple aspects of the software. This is done by the QA Testing module. The above article has succinctly provided an overview of introductory concepts pertinent to it. For in-depth knowledge, it is essential to select Salesforce QA Testing Training Institute in Noida with expertise in training and a sound background in this domain along with a good infrastructure for learning. Furthermore, you will get a certificate after the course to improve your profile and gain a handful of insights to clear the interviews.


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