Few Factors That Determine Your Shifting Costs – Moving Tips

The mere thought of moving to any place puts you under stress. It involves a complex procedure. There are different processes in a moving process such as packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking.

If you hire professional packers and movers, they handle your move proficiently. However, if you are moving alone, you’ll need to take responsibility for your move yourself.

One of the important points to consider in mind during your move is the moving cost. Different movers quote different prices for their moving services.

A few fraud companies are also functioning in the market. Their rates are extremely different. These companies are in search of an opportunity to dupe the customers.

However, not all companies are like them as finding reliable packers and movers is easy.

These people charge standard rates for their moving services. They consider a few factors to determine their prices. Let’s know about these important factors one by one:-

Distance Between The Pick Up Location And Your New Destination

One of the factors that affect your moving prices is the distance between your old and new house. The more the distance, the more would be the cost.

Distance is an important factor whether you are self-moving or with the packers and movers.

So, it would be best if you consider this point while choosing your mover. If the distance between your old location and the new location is more, then be ready to pay higher costs for your move.

Your Moving Time

The time of your move is also an important parameter that impacts your total moving cost. There is a peak and off-season in the moving industry.

If you choose the peak season, your move will be costlier. But if you opt for the off-season, you can move at a much lower budget.

Also, moving on weekends is costlier than moving on weekdays. Some people choose the mid-week or mid-month move because a month-ending move is costly.

So, it is very important to plan your move. It is advisable to choose an off-season and a mid-week move to lower your costs.

You can also take the advice of your friends and relatives in choosing the best time for your move.

Quantity Of Your Products

The quantity of your goods is another important factor that determines your moving price. The more products you move, the more time movers will take to move them. So, it is always suggested to de-clutter before you move.

If you sort out your items properly, you will be able to cut your moving costs. If you are moving a large number of goods, then more manpower is required for that.

More manpower means more costs. The company will charge you more to move your goods in this case.

So, the first thing you need to do to reduce your prices is to reduce your stuff. If you do that your moving costs will automatically decrease.

Additional Services

Getting additional services will also increase your moving cost. It is one of the major factors that add up to your total moving cost.

There are many additional services you can opt for. Some of them are unpacking services, packing services, vehicle transport services, etc.

Besides, if you need an additional truck and extra staff, your moving cost will be high.

Packing Process

Packing is one of the biggest challenges during the relocation. The moving professionals offer you packing services, but they charge high for them.

The reason is that packing needs extreme care on the part of the packer. You need to pack the items so that they may be protected during the entire relocation process.

Looking for the right-sized boxes and using high-quality packing services is a big challenge. The moving companies that offer professional packing services charge high for this service.

So, the best way out is to pack your items on your own. But, you need to take care of them during the packing process.

If you fail to pack them perfectly, your products may get damaged. So, to reduce your packing charges and to save them, use the best quality packing materials.

Try to pack small items first during the packing process. And then go for the large items. Make sure to write a note for each box. It’ll let you and your movers know about the things inside the boxes. Also, don’t forget to write the room in which these items will be placed.

Storage Services

You might need the storage services during the move. Suppose, if you have to move into a house that is not ready yet. And it is important for you to leave your old home. Then you can opt for storage services.

These services are very useful to you. But you are required to pay an additional fee to avail of this service. These services also increase your moving costs.

So, make sure to book your movers only when your new home is completed. This way, you won’t need storage services. As a result, you will be able to reduce your total costs.

No Access to Your Pick Up and Destination Location

If your residence is on a narrow road, you will have difficulty unloading your boxes. The moving company will increase your costs when there is no access for a large truck.

In that case, the moving agency has to hire smaller trucks for easy access. As a result, your moving costs will be high.

Prepare The Right Inventory

If you create the right inventory, you will be able to get the right estimate of your moving cost.

Many people do not take much care of preparing an inventory. This will lead to confusion. You won’t be able to judge the final cost on the basis of an incorrect inventory. So, to get the right moving cost for your move, create an accurate inventory first.


Now you are aware of the factors that determine your shifting costs. So, it would be good if you consider the above points before hiring the packers and movers in Mumbai to Bangalore. Maybe you will be able to reduce your moving prices.

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