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Online games with the best PvE

Rolling other players into a cake is, of course, fun, but sometimes you want to quietly run through quests, the main thing is that they are interesting. Therefore, we decided to compile the TOP of the best PvE games that have enough to do, in addition to killing each other.


No matter what anyone says, World of Warcraft remains the most successful PvE MMORPG in the history of the gaming industry.

In addition to quests that are not limited to the usual grind and “bring-give”, you can do a lot of things: develop peaceful professions, extract resources for them, collect and download fluffy, clawed, shaggy and tailed ones to participate in pet battles, upgrade artifacts, walk in raids, get cool clothes in dungeons. You can even play stylist or try to make a fortune at the auction.

In the summer of 2019, WoW Classic was released – just for those who like to remember the old days and sigh heavily, they say, it used to be better


Monster Hunter games are not as popular here as in Japan . And absolutely in vain. In Monster Hunter: World, you will become a hunter for all sorts of dangerous monsters, and the victim will first have to track down, study the habits and thoroughly prepare for the fight.

The game has the most famous monster fighter – the witcher Geralt of Rivia

And between battles, you can trade, go on a trip through the mountains and forests, complete a couple of quests.


The developers of Guild Wars 2 figured out how to make their brainchild stand out from the background of hundreds of MMORPGs – they replaced the usual quests for PvE games with dynamic events, of which any player who finds himself in the right place at the right time can become a part.

In addition, the game has underwater locations where different rules already apply, and if you want to remember your youth and return from low-level dungeons, your level will adjust to them.


A series of cooperative shooters Borderlands tells about the planet Pandora, which was turn into a dump, and those who live on it. And quite dangerous creatures live here, which you have to exterminate with the weapons that you find.

In the second part, elements that were not entirely successful in the first part were finalize – it became easier to find partners, the locations became more diverse, and the overall picture change unblocked games 66.


In the online version of the legendary series, you will find a huge chic world with a variety of locations and tasks that can be found almost everywhere, raids and peaceful activities like crafting , upgrading professions, and even arranging your own home.

You can travel around Tamriel in the company of friends of any level, because the level of the inhabitants of the location adjusts to each player.


The co-op action game Warhammer: Vermintide will tell the story of the End Times of the Empire of Man and the invasion of the bloodthirsty skaven ratmen, and you will be immerse in a dark but addictive atmosphere unblocked games 76.

The fate of the world is in the hands of five brave heroes, who are destine to slash skaven hordes over and over again, upgrade their equipment and themselves, and hang trophies at their base at their leisure.


Fortnite is better known for its free-to-play Battle Royale , PvE survival remains paid for the time being.

Here you can check your plan of action in case of a zombie apocalypse for viability. During the day, explore the area, collect useful things and build fortifications to successfully repel the attacks of cartoon monsters at night .


Neverwinter Online attracted not only fans of D&D and the legendary Neverwinter Nights series , but also just fans of the game in PvE mode. There really is a lot to do in and around Neverwinter.

In addition to interesting quest chains, dailies are available, a bunch of professions can be upgrade at once, and a complex crafting system. And most importantly, anyone can get confuse and create their own quests that other players will go through.

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TERA can captivate immediately, and not only with beautiful and varied locations. The player is immediately given a pump character so that before starting the game he can see what awaits him in the future, and this is a good motivation.

Instead of a monotonous grind, a full-fledged story awaits you, although not the most epic. But it is much more interesting than just the genocide of monsters. Non-target combat adds to the liveliness of the gameplay.


Black Desert is often call the most beautiful MMORPG. In addition to the excellent drawing of locations, living cities, the most detailed character editor is also pleasing here, allowing you to create almost your own copy.

But the most interesting thing is that in the game you can not fight at all if you don’t want to. No one is stopping you from trading, working on a farm , starting a resource extraction business , or just sitting on the beach with a fishing rod from time to time.


In the action-packed shooter Warframe , you and a few of your fellow daredevils have fun missions to turn your enemies into mincemeat.


A series of third-person MMO shooters in which players have to clear various cities from criminals and looters who appeared at the end of civilized society. In the first part, they will go to the streets of New York and together they will complete difficult tasks,Explore the world around them in search of the best equipment and upgrade the skills of a fighter.

The second part of the PvE online shooter Tom Clancy’s The Division continues the story of the fight against bioterrorism. After a terrible epidemic has swept the United States , a team of brave fighters will have to save the remnants of civilization and protect them from new attacks. The sequel features new character classes, new enemies and combat tactics.

Warframes will help you with this – exoskeleton suits, which serve here as analogues of classes. Moreover, the elements of such equipment will have to be upgrade, bother with the settings, and in principle, in order to assemble a suitable suit, you will have to strain well and spend money.



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