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Benefits and Procedure of Fut Hair Restoration Surgery

Are you experiencing hair loss these days and wondering what might be the reason for the same? The reason is not one, but many. It can be on account of an unhealthy diet, usage of products filled with chemicals, anxiety, and the list goes on. 

No matter the cause of hair loss, you can get hair restoration surgery done. The techniques used in hair restoration are FUT, FUE, and many others. The surgeon decides which technique would be best for you depending on your overall health. 

Despite being popular, not many people are familiar with these techniques and lack the know-how of beginning with the same. Here’s all you wish to know about the procedure and benefits of FUT hair restoration surgery in the post. 

FUT hair restoration surgery 

Follicular Unit Transplantation is an invasive surgery that covers your bald spots inflicted by hair loss. Initially, the results seemed unnatural and led to a plug-like appearance. 

Consequently, the surgeons fixed this by taking the individual hair follicles, giving people pure natural results. 

Procedure of FUT 

Initially, the surgeon takes the strip of skin from the back of your head. Depending upon the number of follicles required to conceal the bald spots, the size of the strip is determined. Usually, the strip size remains between 1-1.5 centimeters. 

The surgeon makes sure to reinsert the strips into your scalp to cover your hair loss. As far as the time taken is concerned, it stays between 4-8 hours. But FUT takes much less time than the other procedures. 

Before commencing the procedure, local anesthesia is given to numb your scalp. Once the hair follicles are transplanted, the surgeon closes the scalp with sutures. For the time being, antibiotics and bandages will be applied to your scalp. 

The procedure is being carried out in such a way that makes the results seem natural, and your bald spots are also covered. 

Which people should get a FUT hair transplant done? 

People with bald spots and less hair should opt for the FUE hair transplant. But for the hair transplant to be successful, ensure you have enough hair on your donor area. Usually, people above the age of 25 are considered the ideal candidates for FUT. 

Besides this, people with less hair at the front can also opt for FUT as it is most useful in treating front hair loss. People with high hair follicles tend to receive greater coverage through FUT hair transplants. 

Benefits of FUT hair transplant 

Numerous people are reaching out to us and enquire about the benefits of FUT hair restoration surgery. Consequently, let us throw some light on its benefits to make people aware of it. 

Success rate 

Usually, the surgeons ask you to have enough hair on your donor area so that hair can easily be transplanted. But fortunately, this is not the situation with FUT. With FUT, you no longer need to worry about the availability of hair, as people with less hair can also get their bald spots covered. 

The surgeon usually harvests the hair from the mid donor area, where the hair is of high quality and is permanent. Consequently, the success rate and survival rate of FUT hair transplants are high. 

Natural results 

No one likes to achieve artificial results, which people can easily notice. But no worries, as FUT is bent upon giving you natural results. It is because the procedure does not result in scars. If there is any scar, it will be easily concealed by the nearby hair, making it impossible to detect it. 

Consequently, the procedure gives you natural, long-lasting, and consistent results over time and allows you to enjoy a fuller appearance. 

Minimal recovery time 

The worst part of availing the cosmetic and other treatments is the recovery time it takes and the discomfort afterward. Fortunately, FUT does not cause you much discomfort and its recovery time is also less. 

The patients can expect minor swelling from the region where the strip is taken. If you also notice such a thing, the appropriate medications are prescribed. As far as it is about the recovery time, it is really quick and won’t take more than a week. 

Minimal scars 

Another perk of availing of the FUT hair transplant is minimal scarring. The FUT hair transplant does not cause as many scars as other procedures and conceals your bald patches. 

Cheap option 

Money has become a major issue for people, especially in these treatments. These treatment costs are not covered under any insurance, and an individual has to pay out of his pocket for getting these treatments done. 

Luckily, FUT hair restoration surgery is a cheaper option than other treatments and can be easily afforded by people. 

Less time consuming 

Usually, the time taken by these treatments is more. The normal FUE session takes around 4-8 hours but not FUT. FUT is less time-consuming, and the person gets free in minimal time. 


FUT hair restoration surgery is an effective option for all those struggling to cover their bald spots and enhance their hair growth. The treatment is highly safe and known for its natural results. Care must be taken to get the procedure done by the experienced surgeon as the surgeon is the one who can make or mar your look. Schedule your in-depth consultation with experts now. 

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