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Making Shell Scheme Print Models in Enterprise Printing Work Best For You

Are you concerned that your shell scheme stand will not stand out or be stifled by the uniformity of the room? Don’t worry – there are a variety of techniques for dressing your shell scheme to ensure it reflects your brand while being visually appealing. We have provided some examples to look through, from integrated systems like shell clad, to traditional methods like banners and pop-ups.

Environmentally Friendly Graphics

Experts can print your shell scheme panels on a display media with innovative repositionable glue which can be applied time and time again, without leaving any sticky remnants left behind. This extremely durable polyester blend graphic media will not tear or stretch and can be easily removed and repositioned without causing damage to the wall that it is placed on.

The smooth texture of this product produces excellent quality images. Can be lit back with amazing results. It can be removed and moved, the media can be removed and repositionable.

The can be glued to any non-porous surface, such as windows, walls or doors, and is able to be applied easily to surfaces with curved edges. It can be moved and will not peel wallpaper off a wall and will not cause damage to wallpaper when applied on top of it.

Fire retardant Polyester blend poster media is fire-resistant up to up to 450 C and self-extinguishing.

What Does The Shell Scheme?

Shell schemes are commonly used by organisers of events and exhibitions to divide the event space into smaller space for stands. The majority of shell schemes comprise a set of aluminium upright poles that are joined by horizontal fixtures and beams.

For any exhibitor who is exhibiting a shell scheme one of the best ways to boost their shell scheme display is to buy graphics with a branded logo to be affixed to the panels of the shell scheme.

The Reasons Why You Should Choose Artwork On Your Walls?

With only a few seconds to grab your attention from attendees in the hall while competing with the other exhibits, it’s never more crucial for your brand and images to punch an impact and be noticed.

In addition, as space becomes more expensive, exhibitors are turning to make use of walls to increase the exposure of their brands instead of creating other displays that take up precious space. Placing the walls of the shell scheme with graphic panels makes the best utilisation of the space for branding while preserving your stand’s footprint to use for other promotions.

  •         More brand exposure through the hall of exhibitions
  •         Make yourself stand out of scams
  •         Let your customers know about your merchandises and offers
  •         Create a brand-new experience combined with furniture that is branded e.g. plinths, deck                chairs, counters, glass showcases and bean bags.

Different Types Of Shell Scheme Graphics

For shell scheme graphics as an exhibitor, you have the option of choosing seamless or non-seamless images for your walls. The advantages of each option depend on the message and images you want to showcase and your budget since they differ in cost.

Seamless Graphics

They cover the entire wall of the shell scheme graphics without showing the poles of metal between panels. This means you can show an image that is seamless on your display. Every panel will be printed, and then mounted over the walls of your current shell scheme to create a seamless visual effect, with no visible poles of the shell scheme.

This kind of solution is sure to give your design a WOW factor and give it a professional appearance. Without gaps between panels, you’ll be able to create a complete image to your customers, which could be the reason for tipping the scales in your favour rather than the other business that have shaky displays.

The seamless graphic panels connect to the poles made of metal and are secured with Velcro or tape to ensure it remains securely on the panels of the shell scheme. The majority of seamless graphics is composed of foamex that is 3mm or 5mm thick which gives your graphics the highest quality print and colour depth.

Non-Seamless Graphics

Non-seamless graphics are excellent for those who are budget-conscious and want a more affordable option to mark on the wall of their scheme and to transform their space. With non-seamless designs, the panels of graphics can be print on foamex, or PVC and receive the same high-quality printing and depth of colour compared to seamless graphics; however , you can see the visible poles of the shell scheme between the panels.

It’s a truly flexible choice because each panel printed is separated by the visible shell poles on your stand. This means that you can have different designs printed on every panel or you can have one single image spread across the entire panel.

The best tip is that one major benefit of selecting non-seamless graphics is that you are able to place a TV on your wall but you have to buy a strong shell scheme from the event planner to ensure that the wall is sturdy enough to hold the screen. Another advantage to choosing seamless graphics, if you select PVC you can wrap the printed graphics and then use them in future exhibits or other acrylic printing.

Different Types Of Non-Seamless Graphics

All of our non-seamless graphics are print according to the specifications of the walling you have chosen for your shell scheme when they are cut to accommodate the size of the panels of your shell scheme and are attach using either velcro or low tack tape.

After your exhibition or even the panels are able to be taken away and yours to keep for future uses. If you plan to cover the lower half of the panel covered with the use of a table or display shelving, you might need to buy only the half-sized graphic panel that is available only for Foamex.

Rollable PVC

Flexible PVC panels are the best choice for exhibitors who need to move images easily since they fold in half and will not take up too much space to store, especially when space is tight!


Foamex panels are extremely rigid and typically produce better prints in terms of the depth of colour and high resolution, making them an extremely popular material for choosing because they produce great visually appealing graphic panels.

When it comes to being able to reuse these panels for future usage, it’s more difficult because the panels are huge in size, which makes transport and storage more difficult. Additionally, they are prone to snapping during removal out of the scheme.


After you’ve completed your order, it is important to inform us about the kind of shell scheme the event is organising to help us give you the proper dimensions for your artwork too.

The reason for this is that the dimensions of the shell scheme panels are generally uniform; however they differ slightly from the type of shell scheme. You will find the kind of scheme you have in the exhibitor’s manual or reservation details, however If you require assistance you can contact our team, who will be glad to assist!



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