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2022 famous new online games for kids.

Following are the 2022 famous new online games for kids.


The League of Angels series is worth paying tribute to – starting as a simple browser game, it has grown to 4 games, and with the release of each one, progress is visible in terms of graphics and gameplay. Heaven’s Fury is the fourth installment, and it even made it to Steam, even if it didn’t become popular there.

Players will once again save the fantasy world from destruction by creating a hero and going on classic MMORPG adventures. Unlike the previous parts, the graphics have become fully three-dimensional, and the battles are much more dynamic due to the isometric perspective. Recommended for fans of the genre.



At the start, the cooperative MMO about pirates Sea of ​​Thieves did not cause anything but disgust, but the developers managed to put the project in order, for which they deserved the love of an audience of thousands. And even though the game was released in 2018, we set a release date for it on Steam (and this is 2020), because at that moment it became what the players were waiting for at the release.

In Sea of ​​Thieves, you will experience the life of a pirate like nowhere else – you will find sea adventures with friends, island exploration, treasure hunting , skeleton battles, hunting legendary monsters and many other activities of the era. No restrictions – you are free to do what you want, but always remember about other gamers that they can be completely unfriendly.



Funny “weirdos” jostle and try to reach the finish line among the first in the unusual battle royale Fall Guys : Ultimate Knockout, the gameplay of which will remind you of the TV show “The Big Race” or the like. Together with other players, you have to go through a series of various tests (both single and team), and in the final fight for the coveted crown.

Of interest here are the tests themselves – mainly obstacle courses that gamers go through together. They can push and grab each other, so success often depends on more than attentiveness and straight arms. But it’s fun.



Warmly received in Early Access, co-op survival sim Grounded takes you into a micro-world where insect-sized teenagers struggle to cope with the harsh environment. Well, harsh – ants , wasps and spiders take on the role of predators , and even from the leaves you can build a fairly reliable shelter.

Together, players can play through a mystical storyline or simply survive by gathering resources and food, building attractive houses, fighting insects, and exploring the familiar game world from an unusual perspective.



Another cooperative game for 4 gamers, but this time in the horror genre. In the role of paranormal hunters, you will complete a lot of contracts for your work and explore various locations in search of mystical entities. If you think horror games are more fun to play with friends, then Phasmophobia will dispel that fact.

Phasmophobia is loved for its realism: the monsters here are taken from real legends about ghosts , poltergeists, banshees and others, and they all have unique habits. As an expert, you first find out what kind of entity is terrorizing the customer, and then try to cope with it with “grandfather” methods, using ultraviolet lamps, salt, crosses and other means. And all this is fueled by a depressing atmosphere and ignorance of what awaits you in the dark.



Red Dead Online is a multiplayer mode in Red Dead Redemption 2 that was released as a standalone game on Steam in 2020 . As in the original, you will immerse yourself in the life of the Wild West and play the role of a cowboy with all the consequences, but get ready to do it along with hundreds of other gamers who can both keep company and become sworn enemies.

In Red Dead Online, you choose your role: you can become a servant of the law and hunt criminals, or go from a tramp to a bandit leader . Nobody interferes with peaceful pursuits such as fishing , hunting, trading and treasure hunting. There are also more “creative” things – the production of moonshine, the study of the secrets of the animal world … In general, in this Wild West you definitely will not get bored.



Call of Duty: Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale that suddenly burst onto the scene and captured the attention of millions of players around the world. But, unlike Legends, Warzone has a long history behind it, and therefore it quickly managed to set a record in terms of online (6 million gamers in the first day!).

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Much of the best crazygames is already familiar to you if you have played the royal battles. The teams land on a large area that is the devastated city of Verdansk and try to survive by killing other teams and avoiding contact with the gas cloud . Of the features: various bonuses (UAV, pinpoint airstrike), the GULAG system (a duel between two retired players, which determines who will return to the battlefield after death).

There is also a solo option.

In Warzone, players are encouraged to face each other in several modes crazygames online . In addition to the standard Battle Royale, there is a “Loot” mode, which assumes that teams must earn the maximum amount of money in a limited time.

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