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Top Motivational Movies For Students : LiveWebTutors

Motivational Movies : Life is full of obstacles and opportunities, and when we find ourselves battling the tidal waves of life’s demands, we often feel depressed. Life in a college or university is no different. The pressures of juggling academics, club engagements, social life, and family obligations may sap your vitality.

You’re in desperate need of a decent pick-me-up to get back in the saddle. These top seven films are a must-see for any student and will surely inspire you.

The following are the top seven motivational films for students:

1. Hunting for goodwill (1997) : Motivational Movies

The ever-motivating Good Will Hunting is a film that will leave you feeling motivated. The script was written by two young up-and-comers, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, which is a fascinating detail. Matt Damon portrays Will Hunting, a 20-year-old, in this American film.

Will Hunting, although having a genius IQ, is oblivious of his immense potential. Will’s abilities as a school janitor are noticed by Professor Gerald Lambeau ( Stellan Skarsgard ), who wants to assist the misguided young man. Will is referred to a therapist, Sean Maguire when he faces some difficulties in life (Robin Williams). For those who enjoy a good underdog narrative, this is a must-see.

  1. The major discussions (2007) Motivational Movies

This picture, directed by Denzel Washington and produced by Oprah Winfrey, is for individuals who enjoy seeing empowerment triumph. This dramatic film, based on the actual tale of Melvin B. Tolson, depicts the story of a professor who inspired his pupils to become the first black debate team to compete against Harvard at the national championships.

  1. The universal theory (2014) Motivational Movies

The Theory of Everything, which chronicles Professor Stephen Hawking’s incredible life, is a motivating film for students, especially those seeking science degrees. This British biographical romantic drama is set at Cambridge University. We gain a compelling look into the sequence of events in Stephen Hawking’s life and are portrayed by the outstanding and award-winning actor Eddie Redmayne.

This film tells us that everything is possible; from his early days as a Ph.D. University students defy all obstacles, both physically and scientifically.

Based on actual events, this is a very uplifting and inspiring narrative.

  1. The network of social interactions (2010) Motivational Movies

The Social Network is an excellent picture for today’s world of computer science and technology. This film, based on the actual tale of Mark Zuckerberg, the brains behind Facebook, allows us to discover how this digital behemoth came to be. We discover how Jesse Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg, a computer whiz at Harvard, came up with a great idea that propelled him to become the world’s youngest millionaire. As we see throughout the film, Zuckerberg’s life was not without its challenges.

With four Golden Globe nominations and three Oscar nominations, this film is a must-see for anybody with great goals.

  1. The breakfast club, (1985) Motivational Movies

This American comedy-drama has a heartwarming quality to it that will make you laugh out loud. The story follows five teenagers from varied backgrounds who wind up in Saturday detention together, where they ultimately open up to one another.

  1. DEAD POETS SOCIETY, (1989) Motivational Movies

Possibly one of the most popular motivational films for students, with the ability to inspire both present students and graduates John Keating, played by the late and great Robin Williams, is an English teacher who employs a variety of unconventional teaching approaches. He will be attending a boy’s preparatory school known for its traditions and high educational standards.

We witness how John Keating (Robin Williams) uses his talent to reach out and communicate with his pupils in this film. This kind of education encourages kids to embrace themselves and absorb all chances accessible to them, even though they are under pressure from the school and their parents.

Many of the moments in this movie will make your hair stand up on the back of your neck!

  1. The side of the blind (2009) Motivational Movies

This film is ideal for sports fans and people who want a joyful conclusion. This American biographical sports drama is based on Michael Oher’s genuine tale. Michael (Quinton Aaron) was a homeless youngster who the Tuohy family subsequently adopted. Recognizing Michael’s abilities, Leigh Anne offers him assistance and guidance, which influences his football abilities. Michael Tuohy goes on to be a massive success in American Football because of the Tuohy family’s love and support.


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