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Game benefits

Playing is a right of childhood

, recognized in article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child and a fundamental need for their physical, social and emotional development, so it is up to parents, educators and society in general to allow time, spaces and resources so that children can make play the true mission of childhood with App In PC.

Play provides countless benefits in the different spheres of reality, which we will detail below in order to understand all its richness:


Playing teaches us to live. Through the game we learn to respect the rules, tolerate frustration, accept defeats and celebrate victories, be patient, decisive, empathetic and, ultimately, to develop all the attitudes, behaviors and emotions that will allow us to integrate into society and be happy citizens.


The game is an essential tool in the education of children. Through the game, minors discover, investigate, reflect, try,… The game allows them to “cut out a piece of the world and manipulate it” in the words of Tonucci. In fact, physicists like the American Robert Oppenheimer says that children playing in the street would be able to solve some of the key problems in physics, since they have forms of sensory perception that, as adults, we lose over time and it has been shown that All the most important learning in life is done by playing in the first stage of life (from 0 to 6 years old).


Playing is healthy. The game is essential for the development of children. Through play, children carry out different physical activities, exercise their abilities and develop their skills in a playful environment that promotes their emotional well-being and happiness, which in turn results in the creation of new interconnections that stimulate their cognitive and physical development.

Playing is essential

for children to grow healthy and express their emotions. Through play, children are able to externalize their fears and learn to manage their failures and problems, which facilitates children’s mental health and therefore their physical health. A child who plays is a healthy child.


The game is the essence of childhood, the raw material that nourishes the discoveries and learning of the world around you, through the full exercise of the senses and experimentation and the intense enjoyment of the present moment that leads to happiness. Through play, children can explore their emotions, identify their feelings and build an emotional intelligence that will allow them to face life’s challenges with optimism. That is why a child who plays is a happy child. A child who has voluntarily stopped playing is a sick child.

The Benefits Of Playing

The game allows your daughter or son to imagine, explore, represent different situations and thus learn and discover their abilities, expressing emotions and showing their way of seeing the world. Free and natural play allows you to experiment and thus learning is generated!

The benefits that the game has in the development of your daughter or son are innumerable!

By rolling from side to side on the floor, crawling, climbing a ladder, climbing a tree or jumping like a frog, the girl or boy is knowing and exploring the infinite alternatives that his body has, and the way in which it responds in certain situations. It is precisely this simple action that allows him to trust himself and her possibilities.

A safe space is enough for girls and boys to play

The game is a natural impulse of the human being to pleasantly explore what is around him, nobody teaches a girl or boy to play, since they know how to do it since they are born! As they grow, what changes is the type of play and activities that are more pleasant or attractive to them. For them to play, we just have to provide them with a safe and appropriate space to make the game an essential part of their daily activity.

Use of TV and electronic devices

Television and electronic devices limit play and movement, so:

How do boys and girls play?

As the girls and boys grow up they show the enjoyment that playing produces. Around the age of 4, their games evolve towards interaction with others. The imitation of everyday actions is a way to elaborate thinking, it is important that boys and girls have the opportunity to do many different things and not pigeonhole them into

“boys’ games” and “girls’ games”!

Men have to learn to care for others, they have the right to cry and express their emotions. Girls, meanwhile, need to learn to use their bodies, feel strong and capable of taking charge of themselves.

Between the ages of 4 and 6,

imitation games appear with force, where girls and boys interpret significant people for them. They also imitate a doctor, a teacher and a salesman. Among others. AND they need to interact with others to do so and play the various roles, which they find a lot of fun.
The game appears smoothly in a context of trust and safety!

If you look carefully you will see that your daughter or son’s desire to play appears more strongly when he is surrounded by people who love him. And in a place where he feels protected. As long as we feel calm and safe, we dare to explore! So:


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