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Some On-Campus Student Rights You Should Know About

If you are studying in a college or planning to join soon, it must be exciting after knowing the student rights in that college. It is not only exciting and adventurous to study in a college but rewarding as well. You get to explore your hidden talents and boost confidence. You get to meet new people on-campus and learn new things. Before you decide to enrol in a college or university program, you find information about it. How is the college environment? How is the faculty? Is the faculty worth it? Can I make new friends? Does the college have a diversity and inclusion policy? Consider you are joining a college in the UK and you belong to a Minority group. You would want to know if the college exercises a D&I policy? You would also want to know if the students there are from diverse backgrounds or not.

Thus, it is necessary to know, what student rights does the campus protect? You should be aware of your on-campus student rights. This also goes out for the campus officials. They hold the responsibility to protect the students. And let students know how the Constitution protects their rights. Apart from all the plans and things to do on-campus, you should be aware of your basic rights. Before you head to the campus, you should know what the Law says about the rights of students. No matter if you are a freshman or sophomore. You should know the rules, regulations and policies on-campus. Some on-campus student rights that you should know about include:

  • Rights against Discrimination and Harassment
  • Rights of Disabled students,
  • Consumer rights and Free Expression.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity as well as,
  • Right to Privacy of Student Records.

There are also other on-campus student rights but, this article discusses the following:

Discrimination and Harassment:

The federal and state constitution protect students’ right to discrimination and harassment. Any candidates applying to universities in the UK must not face discrimination. The campus should not discriminate against any student on race, colour and creed. National origin, ethnic origin, religious roots and sexual orientation. In University of Kentucky, UK, there is a policy of Right to be Free from Discrimination. As well as Harassment. Students should report any unwanted sexual advancements from employees or staff. The students will have protection under law.

Sexual harassment is a type of discriminatory practice. It includes unwanted physical contact and non-consensual favours. It also includes any nonverbal or verbal explicit behaviour made overtly or covertly. If any such behaviour affects student academic performance, the campus takes action. Thus, this law preserves the rights of students.

Rights of Disabled Students:

According to a coursework writing service, on-campus student rights are present under the Equality Act and Mental Capacity Act. These rights include safeguarding rights of disabled students.

Right to Privacy of Student Records:

University of Kentucky in the UK keeps student records in compliance with the act. The act of Family Educational Rights and Privacy of 1974. They keep student records safe under the regulation of the Data protection Act. Only after the student’s permission can anyone access data. They do not give out any information related to the student to anyone. Unless the student permits it. Yet, the Dean can disclose the information when needed as per rule of law. And if information is required as per personnel use. In such situations, they disclose only selected information of the student. Unless the student consents in writing to disclose information, nobody can access it.

Consumer Rights and Free Expression:

Freedom of speech or expression is a students’ right. Students can start discussions, opinions and join associations. Under the law of the Federal or State Constitution, students can protest for a cause. Only when they do so in a disciplined manner. The students can whatsoever not disturb the normal operations on-campus.

Consumer Rights play a major role in a students’ life on-campus. In the UK, students hold the right to sue Campus authorities in case of breach of consumer protection law. Under the Consumer Protection Law, Universities and colleges should provide what they promise. All institutions in the UK must follow a consumer law. It applies to the courses and credit hours the student enrols in. If a student knows about this law, it can be helpful. Students can avoid problems and convey any problem to the staff or student union. This way, students’ rights will be protected.

Diversity and Inclusivity:

All academic institutes in the UK practice Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity. For example, the University of London ranks first in its D&I policy. Students from diverse populations are studying. They welcome students from all ethnic minorities and immigrants. The University strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all. The institute laid the foundation on Equality. Everyone can contribute to the University irrespective of their personality. Tolerance and mutual respect are what keeps everyone united.

Diversity and Inclusivity are important factors. It is a legal right of every student. Every student holds the right to study. Nobody is to be a victim of discrimination. D&I also means that institutes reduce gender pay gaps. It also includes staffing more women employees. In the University of London, an Equality and Diversity Committee is present. The board of directors and trustees are responsible to look after it. Students can convey any breach of law to the authorities. Thus, D&I policy should be present in every institute.

All in all, on-campus student rights are necessary. Every student should be aware of their legal rights. Before you enrol in a college or University, you should know your rights. Students must familiarize themselves with legal policies and laws. To raise voice against any discrimination. They can voice against inequality, breach of consumer rights and harassment. Thus, knowing your on-campus student rights is important.

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