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What Are The Drawbacks of Cash Settling of An Insurance Claim?

Cash settlement, as the name suggests is accepting cash in place of getting an insurance policy claim. Before taking that, you need to be aware that your decision is correct or not. This sounds and in some cases even a good option actually, but even with these benefits, we can’t ignore the drawbacks of getting the cash settling insurance claims. So, consider all the below-mentioned points before making cash and settling for the insurance claim.


Ask These Questions To Yourself?

So, you have to finalize your decision of getting the cash settlement, but ask these questions to yourself. Is the insurer gives you a cash settlement in place of the claim for property insurance? The settlement amount is the estimated money handed over in place of getting the part or whole money that will get as the insurance claim. To make that amount acceptable, make your mind ready with the answers to the possible queries. Make sure the settlement is the right option for you? This process is associated with some possible risks, so do you ready for such risks in relying on the cash settlement? Accepting cash settlement loses you some insurance benefits. So, ensure you are ready to deal with all the risks involved in the process. Look through these possibilities to consider before cash settling the insurance claims.


Repair Costs May Vary

You get the fixed price for the damaged items or properties in cash settlement. But the price for different items may be different and possibly you have to face loss when accepting a settlement. Some products ask for more amounts when you delay in repair or have increased labor and the material costs may be higher than the cost of fixing a price for the same. Before making the claim sure you amount you are receiving should is enough to ensure the repair costs. After the cash is settled for a claim, then you will not able to ask for more money later.


Additional Damage

The cash settlement is based on the damage evaluation caused to the items or property at the time. In some special cases, a quick assessment will not make you able to get the exact damage which may leave you with additional damage when done thorough checkup. For instance, when you are making claims for the damage from weather, then you will not be confident as to what exactly the items are damaged and you need to ask for the claim. You may get to know the structural damage after completing the evaluation.

Other than claims, this additional damage requires you to pay more money. So before settling a claim, you might ask again for additional charges so that you are not left with a financial burden.



After you settle to a certain amount for the insurance claim, your insurance coverage contract will no longer will valid. You will not receive the warranty for the repairs undertaken with the cash settlement. If you are not sure about the repairs will be good or have a single doubt, ten you are suggested not to go for the cash settlements out of insurance cover. This will keep you protected from issues in the future. After cash settlement, you will not be able to get any other option against the insurer.


Provisional Lodging

If you accept a cash settlement for the property damage, then the very first thing will be that you are no place to live right now. You are unable to live at your place due to damage, or work of repair, and the home insurance policies offer you additional cover for the provisional lodging in that case and make other arrangements. Whereas, when you choose the cash settlement amount, then you will not get any accommodation cover. They will not find and pay for your provisional lodging and offer any other arrangements.

Going for the cash settlement is always an instant and seems to be an easy option, but when you think that deeply, ten will make you out of claim in future, you can’t ask for extras and burden to the pocket when considering in future. So, make sure you make up your mind by considering all the ins and outs of your situation. Check for the possible benefits or drawbacks you will go to receive when getting the cash settlement out of the insurance claim. If you are unsure regarding cash settlement or insurance claim, then ask for experienced advice.



Integrity Insurance Solutions is a leading firm of insurance brokers in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We have a team of experts working with us who have expertise in all fields of your personal and professional insurance claims. So, if you have any queries regarding the insurance claims or any doubt about any insurance policy, they can feel free to call us anytime.

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