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Military browser games


The best military browser games with various historical (and fictional) settings and a large selection of air, sea and land vehicles.


Naval browser-based strategy unblocked games 76 with epic battles on the water, in which squadrons of dozens of ships of different classes take part. But before becoming an admiral of a huge fleet, you will have to develop your base, on which ships will be produced and modernize.

Warships pleases with a huge number of ship classes that have real analogues, including battleships, aircraft carriers and cruisers. You can fight both against other players, and together with them, uniting in a military alliance or taking on a joint task.


MMO-strategy on the theme of the Second World War , which has a client and browser versions. And both are available for free. Players expect a huge number of nations available to manage and grandiose battles on land, water and in the air. Moreover, in Call of War there are no scenario restrictions, which allows you to rewrite the course of history, creating unthinkable alliances, conducting bold military operations and, ultimately, forming your own geopolitical map of the world, exterminating enemies and capturing their territories.


Browser strategy from Plarium Games, offering players to immerse themselves in a post-apocalyptic future where people fight for the remnants of resources, using armies of cyborgs and other futuristic technologies.

In total, the “Rules of War” offer 150 levels of development, each of which opens up access to new types of units, divided into 4 categories: infantry, armored vehicles, aviation and artillery . They open in various ways: after completing missions, learning new technologies, or successfully attacking another player’s base. Yes, battles between users are also present here, and due to the alliance system, local confrontations sometimes reach colossal proportions.


Military browser-based online unblocked games 66 dedicated to a fictional global conflict, in its setting very close to the present. According to the plot, a full-scale war for resources began in 2019, the epicenter of which was Africa . And all because the rest of the planet turned out to be devastated and useless, while Africa hid in its bowels the remnants of natural wealth. The player places his own base on the territory of virtual Africa, develops it, extracts resources and creates an army for war with other players.


Global browser-based strategy on the theme of the First World War , in which the user is invited to take control of one of the real countries of that time and lead it to success in a global military conflict involving other players.

Everything happens in real time on a global map that can accommodate 500 players at the same time. The action is divide into rounds, during which the participants make certain decisions and implement them. Moreover, the matter is not limited to military operations – in Supremacy 1914 enough attention is paid to diplomacy and the economy.


A free-to-play browser-based strategy set in the WWII setting, where you can easily rewrite the events of history. And more than once, because the events and their consequences in this exciting global strategy are dictated exclusively by the players.

The gameplay “Liberation of Europe” is very interestingly implement, where, in addition to battles, you have to deal with science and economics. After all, you won’t go far on an outdated tank, and the lack of resources will not allow you to create a sufficient amount of equipment to crush the enemy.

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A fantastic multiplayer game that sends players into the distant future. They will have to settle down on their own planet and build a base on which various resources will be extract. They are useful for building new buildings, upgrading them , as well as for creating units.

The lion’s share of the gameplay is occupied by battles similar to Clash of Clans . The player, having recruit a team of various fighters, makes a landing on the enemy base (he indicates the place of deployment on his own). After the units attack objects in automatic mode, and it remains only to observe what is happening. Victory comes only when all enemy buildings are destroy.

And if it seems to you that it’s easy – try to play, and you will understand that tactics here are extremely important for victory.


3D browser action from, which is similar to the popular game World of Tanks . The player will have to take control of the tanks of the Second World War and enter the fields of military operations, where both allies and rivals will be waiting for him.

Among the advantages of Ground War: Tanks are the following:

Good 3D graphics, considering that all this can be run directly in the browser;
Historically accurate technology. In the hangar you will find Tigers, Panthers, T-34s and other models;
Crew system;
Various locations in Germany and the USSR ;
4 PvP modes: Respawn, Defense, Base Capture, Generals Mode;
Various in-game activities and bonuses.


A browser-based military RPG in which players are invite to take one of two sides: the Red Army or the Wehrmacht. You can freely move between locations, of which there are more than 150 in the game, and complete various tasks to earn money. Funds can be spend on weapons and equipment, and this is very useful for gamers when it comes to combat.

The battles take place in semi-automatic mode on a global map divided into hexagons. The participants in the battle simultaneously make a move, and the system automatically calculates the result of the battle. The reward and experience are distribute among the participants of the winning side.

An excellent game with a combination of RPG and strategy, which we recommend to play for all gamers, regardless of the genre.

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