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Importance of Flagging Tape in Industries

Flagging tape opts to be in demand for many reasons but especially because of its easy-to-use feature. These tapes are used as a quick method to mark the safety line in the form of a color code key for a particular area. It has the potential to withstand fading and natural wearing and tearing which makes it the ideal choice to be used for marking in the hazards as well as for the point of interest. But, the major comes with its usability for the proper functionality.

How is flagging tape different from other ranges of tapes?

The major advantage that comes with the use of these tapes is color and non-adhesive nature. This is appealing as per its design which the word flag denotes and therefore it is used for highlighting things. It means it is going to be brighter and more eye-catching than any other tape which is made of other materials. Howsoever, its purpose differs from industry to industry if there is a requirement of highlighting any equipment. But the primary aspect of the flagging tape provides maximum visibility.

Where to use the flagging tape?

It is used in various industries on regular basis. These tapes are widely used due to their resilience and multi-faceted features making them widely acceptable in the industries.

Surveying – Flagging tape is mainly useful for surveyors, especially while designating boundaries for a particular land for a specific purpose. This marker can remain attached to the substrate for more than three or even a year while any of the projects are in the development phase. This is done because the color of the tape remains the same throughout the duration. Therefore, this feature is considered the hallmark of flagging tape because the color of the tape cannot fade with time in the extreme sun, wind, rain, and other weather conditions.

Forestry – it is widely used for marking trees for various purposes in the forest. A particular color is used to indicate trees going to be used for logging and another color option of Fluorescent Flagging Tape is used to mark the unhealthy trees that can result as a hazard. Many other color options mark the trails, as well as foresters, make use of the tape to highlight the habitat of animals or put an alert message for the hidden dangers.

Disasters – Flagging tape is an important piece of equipment for the emergency crew and first responder. It is useful to communicate information to another crew member during a time of disaster. Red flagging tape is used to indicate patients having serious injuries at the time of emergency. Whereas, the yellow tape is used to denote a person having a serious problem but is not life-threatening.  Green is used to convey non-serious problem which is waiting for attention. The decrease is marked with the use of black tape. All color of the Fluorescent Flagging Tape indicates the type of emergency which helps save lives.

Mining – safety is the biggest priority for mining and many other industries. Flagging tape is quite useful in every single step of the operation. It is used as a marking reference for a particular point and identifies the drilled holes.

Hospitals – this type of tape is used for multiple purposes within the premises of the hospital. It is found that generally, the hospital equipment is color-coded just to serve a single motive. If in any case equipment gets transported to another area of the hospital, then it is again transported back to the correct place. Often, medicines are even tagged with the flagging tape that prevents the patient from taking any sort of medication that can prove dangerous for the health.

Wildland Fire Suppression: The firefighters frequently position flagging tapes while they walk across the wildfire. The major purpose is to aid other fighters in the actual location which is going to be helpful in safely reaching the way back.

What does each color of the flagging tape symbolize?

The colors of the tape vary widely slightly from industry to industry. Every color of the tape is responsible to indicate different levels of danger such as:

  • Pink – serves as a temporary survey marker.
  • Red – it is used for electrical cables, lighting cable, and many more things
  • Orange – depicts the communication lines, cables, and many more
  • Yellow – is related to gas, oil, steam, petroleum, and gaseous pipes.
  • Green – is for industries like sewers and drains
  • Blue – for water pipes
  • Purple – reclaimed water, slurry lines, and irrigation
  • White –it is used in proposed excavation routes

Final Words About Flagging Tape Manufacturer

Safety is the major focus for all individuals and industries therefore it is suitable for writing warnings as well as identifying marks. Therefore, supreme quality flagging tape is introduced by Singhal Industries in different color option that plays a significant role. We have designed the flagging tape with premium quality material to provide long-lasting performance, reliability, and durability.

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