Fix QuickBooks Desktop has Reached Expiration Date

Do you know how to work in QuickBooks if your Desktop reaches the expiration date? Once you install the QuickBooks with the verified licence, you should not have to verify it Ever After. But many users are facing trouble in which they must verify the certificate licence every time or revalidate it. This process can be very problematic because you have to verify the licence every time, and there is also a slight possibility of the licence getting corrupt.

So today, we will be addressing the user’s problem regarding whether QuickBooks desktop has reached expiration date‘ or ‘QuickBooks desktop has expired’. We will discuss the major reasons and trouble it can cause to your system and company. Additionally, we will also inform you of the simplest method to troubleshoot this error and access your application without any problems.

Warning Message


The Warning message indicates the information:

QuickBooks desktop has expired. To continue using QuickBooks desktop, you must buy QuickBooks desktop now.

And below this quotation, you will get an option to Buy QuickBooks and Cancel

Major Factors contributing to Expiration Error

The formal cause for this error is the disconnection or missing QBW32.exe file. This can lead to the certificate of expiration on the QuickBooks desktop, and you must renew the plan. However, any problem with this file can lead to this Re validation error. There are some factors:

Read Also:

  • When your trial period of 30 days in QuickBooks expires, you can experience this warning sign.
  • If you download the invalid licence from an external source, such a terminating error can be possible.
  • If you do not terminate all the previous errors properly, the company file can be permanently corrupted due to the hindrance of multiple errors. This can lead to your problem with QuickBooks service expiration.
  • If you do not register the QuickBooks software properly with the QuickBooks Desktop, you can also face such errors on your system.

Troubleshooting procedure of QuickBooks Desktop expiration


Procedure 1: Deleting EMCL File

Procedure 2: Updating server manager and QuickBooks desktop.

Additional information: If you get such errors as service expiration or termination, you should always look for the QBW32.exe file whether it is available in the system; corrupted, or not. It will help you to understand the basic reason behind this error. Either it could be a permanent termination of your Desktop, which can only be resolved by installing the new desktop version and taking a valid plan.


The termination error is very rare because it can be very harmful to the QuickBooks desktop. If you have a valid licence and run the application, there can be variable possibilities of facing this error. We wish to address some issues with the solution that can be useful in taking down the error.

We also recommend you reach us directly if you cannot eliminate errors by using these steps. It can be dangerous for your company file and cause permanent loss. Our QuickBooks error support team is always available to assist with all the possible requirements you desire. You can reach us through this email id or give us a call on the helpline number 1-800-615-2347.

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