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How to Write CDR Career Episode

The Career Episode is an integral part of the CDR report for Engineers Australia assessment. You have to write three career episodes to complete your CDR report.

Career Episode Report for Engineers Australia provides detailed and relevant information about technical and other necessary skills an engineer used in the projects they mentioned. You have to show your professional competencies in your career episodes.

Career episodes help you explain your educational qualifications and working experience in the engineering field. Each of the three career episodes is based on a different engineering project that you were involved in at a certain point in your professional life.

Having known the importance of career episodes in a CDR report, you must be wondering how to write. Therefore, we have prepared a list of tips to write a perfect career episode for the Engineers Australia assessment.

Not only that, we will also give you a crystal-clear idea of the way the report to be prepared. We will also provide you with the format in which you should prepare your career episode.

Writing Tips:

  1. Pick only those projects that can show the importance of your work and the organization, reflecting competencies and skills.
  2. If it’s about academic projects, pick those ones with the scope for future scalability and have a major role in the completion and accomplishment of the expected activities.
  3. You should include all engineering activities that either you were a part of or you did. The projects, internship experience and other competitions can also be elaborated while the role you played must be shown strikingly.
  4. Engineers Australia wants to know your contribution instead of the entire project efficiency.
  5. It is mandatory for you to use active voice. For instance, write ‘I did that project’ and “I prepared the strategy’.
  6. Use high-quality samples for reference purposes that are done by highly qualified CDR writing specialists and appearing on top websites. You can use such pre-approved samples from Engineers Australia that can work wonders for you.
  7. You can use figures, charts and the like to elaborate the role you had in the project. It clearly shows the technical process of your work and project role.
  8. Don’t deviate from the expected format of a career episode. See an approved career episode sample to have a clear idea of the format.
  9. You must avoid technical language, confusing charts, random graphs and the like. Write your career episode report in simple, understandable English with related facts, details, attainments and the like. Keep each of the three career episodes between 1000 to 2500 words.

Career Episode Format:

When you write a career episode, then write it in an essay form, and don’t format it into a table.

The career episode should be in the proper format given below:

Introduction: the introduction of your career episode must have all the topics covered in it and include the following things within nearly 100 words.

Chronology: the career episode must have duration and date

Geographical: the career episode you prepare must represent the location of your work exactly.

  • It has the organization name.
  • The designation you held when working.

That is written well has the proper context in which you worked or studied. It must also have the following information given below:

  • It must represent the nature of the engineering project you had.
  • The objective and purpose of the project.
  • The specific highlighted area of the work you did.
  • It has the organization chart showing your position in the organization infrastructure.
  • Don’t’ forget to mention the duties you served officially in the career episode.

Here, we provide you with the format and its writing tips to ease your preparation. However, it is also our duty to familiarize you with the bitter fact that only knowing these formats and tips can’t guarantee you successful career episodes for a perfect CDR report.

To write the career episode for Engineers Australia, you must be able to:

  1. Express your ideas in limited words.
  2. Write without committing grammatical mistakes.
  3. Write without deviating from Engineers Australia’s guidelines.
  4. Give project details and their problems vividly.
  5. Show engineering competencies in a convincing way, which mustn’t sound exaggerated.
  6. Use appropriate and descriptive words to give a clear idea of your project accomplishment.
  7. Edit the faulty piece of content to improve the quality of the CDR report.
  8. Have proofreading skills.
  9. Have the capability of writing unique and fresh content.

Write in a way that directs the attention towards your plus points.

Having all these skills is not possible for a non-professional writer. Therefore, you should take CDR report writing services to ensure that all three career episodes are perfect to enhance the quality of the CDR report.


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