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How to Delete Duplicate Items in Outlook Calendar? – Complete Guide

Still confused about how to delete duplicate items in Outlook calendar? You are not alone. You may find a method or app that doesn’t work.

A calendar is essential for managing personal and professional schedules. Today, Outlook Calendar allows users to manage meetings and work schedules with a few clicks. However, the problem arises when the user cannot manage the Outlook calendar properly and needs to delete the backup. Therefore, for the convenience of users, we present two ways to remove events from backup.

What Causes Duplicate Calendar Entries?

Many are responsible for creating recurring appointments in Microsoft Outlook. Some of the main reasons are:

  • As mentioned above, Microsoft Outlook can be synchronized with any device. However, if your phone or application does not support Microsoft Outlook, multiple appointments will be created in the calendar.
  • When you move a contact list file to another computer, a copy of the contact list is created in Microsoft Outlook if the copy option is enabled.
  • Recurring appointments are created if the Outlook custom application is not properly configured in the Outlook profile.

Double Way to Delete Duplicate Items in Outlook Calendar

In this section, we discuss two different methods of removing duplicates. The user can use the system as needed.

Method 1: Manually Delete the Same Item in Outlook Calendar

To remove recurring events related to Outlook calendar, users should follow these steps:

  • Open your Outlook calendar, go to the Navigation Pane, and select Calendar Folder
  • Now click on Updates on the View tab in the Current View group
  • After that, click on the register button. Then, to sort all items in the list by topic, click on the column header
  • Now hold down the CTRL key and click on each duplicate entry in the list
  • After selecting all backup calendar items, you must press the Delete button

What if the Instructions Do Not Work?

Manually solving deduplication in Outlook is a long process. As mentioned before, if you miss a step, you can lose a lot of data and it will be very difficult to recover.

Also, setting up an account is difficult for non-technical users. Moreover, users can overcome all problems with the help of solutions that ensure 100% accuracy and precision.

Method 2: Instant and Safe Way to Eliminate Duplicate Data Items in Outlook Calendar

To remove Outlook calendar duplicates without data loss, users can opt for SysTools Outlook Duplicates Remover Software. With this tool, users can remove all Outlook products with a few clicks. This software has many features and a user-friendly interface. Not only this software also provides the option to directly remove duplicate items from Outlook. Moreover, when converting files, it keeps all the internal system folder hierarchies completely clean without changing the default structure.

In addition, a version of Duplicate Removal Software is available, which allows users to remove 15 items from each folder. You can download the software using the link provided. Once done, follow the steps above.

Few Easy Steps to Delete Duplicate Items in Outlook Calendar

To remove duplicate items from Outlook calendar using Outlook Duplicate Remover, users should follow the steps below:

  • First, you need to Download and Install Outlook Duplicate Remover on your local and then launch it

Download Outlook Duplicates Remover

  • Now check all the prerequisites and click the Add File button to add the file that has the equivalent properties of Outlook

Select Add Outlook data files

  • Now Press target to Choose the appropriate destination to save the generated data

select the appropriate target

  • Check the box under “Choose Product Type” to remove duplicate files from Email, Contacts, Lists, Newsletters, Tasks, and Tasks. Comments

Choose Product Type

  • Now click on Define Duplicate Criteria to find and remove duplicates with specific emails

Define Duplicate Criteria

  • After selecting the filter date, the next step is to select the action to use for the backup, such as permanent deletion, move to the deleted folder, move to the folder, marked and marked as expired

select the action

  • Press Next  Options to start the deduplication task

start the deduplication process

Why Remove Duplicates from Your Calendar With Automatic Software?

Remove duplicate emails from Outlook, including calendar, contacts, and more.

  • An easy to use interface and unmatched speed
  • There is no risk of data loss and immediate deletion of copies
  • Multiple options to remove duplicates: in folders / cross folders
  • Allows you to remove duplicates from password protected PST
  • There is no file size limit for the software
  • You can remove duplicate emails between time ranges by embedding date range settings.
  • Remove duplicate email items in Email, Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts.
  • It allows you to find duplicate emails in two types: find duplicate emails in folders and find duplicate emails in PST files.
  • After deleting the duplicate email items, create a new copy of the Outlook email as a PST file.
  • Remove duplicate Outlook emails without installing MS Outlook.
  • Allows you to save the result file to the selected location.
  • You can remove duplicate emails between periods by fixing the period settings.
  • Remove duplicate emails in Mail, Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts.
  • You can find duplicate emails with two types of email duplicates: Scan duplicate emails in folder and Scan duplicate emails in PST files.
  • After deleting the duplicate email items, create a new copy of the Outlook email as a PST file.
  • It supports PST files from MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013 and earlier versions.
  • Remove duplicate Outlook emails without installing MS Outlook.
  • Allows you to save the result file to a selected location.
  • Compatible with Outlook 2019/2016 and all versions below

Last Word

Data duplication is a major problem faced by all users. When the user becomes difficult effectively. So, to help all users, we describe two different ways to delete duplicate items in Outlook calendar . However, to avoid dire situations such as data loss, it is recommended to implement automatic event backup methods.

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