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Import MBOX to Roundcube Without Using Any Supportive Email Client

Summary: This post details a fantastic method to import MBOX to Roundcube. You must carefully study this complete text if you’re the one looking for a comparable solution.

MBOX files are extensively used and supported by a broad range of email clients such as Thunderbird, Opera Mail, and SeaMonkey, among others. There will be no problems if you utilize MBOX files with one of the email clients mentioned. However, if you utilize MBOX files without using any of the email clients mentioned above, you may have certain problems. As a result, in this case, converting MBOX files to a different email client or importing them to a Webmail provider like Roundcube is the best option.

Webmail services such as Roundcube are ideal for storing MBOX files since they save data on a cloud server, allowing you to save hard drive space. Furthermore, it provides far greater protection for your data as well as greater freedom in data access.

As a result, we provide the greatest solution to assist you better manage your MBOX files in Roundcube. We recommend that you check into the best method for effortlessly importing MBOX files into Roundcube Webmail.

How to Import MBOX to Roundcube?

For importing MBOX files into Roundcube, the MBOX Converter Wizard is strongly recommended. This program may import MBOX files from Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Entourage, and Postbox directly to Roundcube. As a result, the transfer from MBOX to Roundcube will be seamless.

You must note that the tool is an all-inclusive and offers you various advantages. In addition to the Roundcube it also allows you to import MBOX to Exchange and variety of other saving options.

You may be confident that your data will be untouched when you use the app. This is because the email’s structure is kept in its entirety throughout transit. In other words, you can quit worrying about both of them.

Certain actions must be taken in order to use the application to import MBOX files into Roundcube. All of the stages are outlined here. We recommend that you follow those procedures so that you do not have any problems when running the software.

Step-by-step Process to Import MBOX Files into Roundcube Webmail

  1. To begin, download the MBOX to Roundcube import tool. Before MBOX files may be imported into Roundcube, the import tool must be installed and activated.
  2. This is a good time to choose the Open tab. Select Email Data File. Select MBOX File, then either Files or Folder.
  3. Fill out the migration tool with the MBOX files you want to import into Roundcube Mail.
  4. A preview of an MBOX file may be viewed after loading it into the software.
  5. You may also see your MBOX emails in Hex and Raw format before proceeding to the next step.
  6. If you’re looking for something specific, you may use the search box. Use date range to search for anything inside a specific time frame.
  7. Select the Export button from the toolbar. Choose IMAP as your storage solution.
  8. Simply input your Roundcube Mail account’s username and password. Include the server’s hostname and port number as well. When you’re finished, press the Save button.

After that, the operation will begin. It will just take a few moments. When the procedure is finished, you will be notified. You will also be provided an Open Folder tab, which will allow you to quickly access the location of the software’s created files.

As a consequence, these are the only steps required to import MBOX to Roundcube Mail using the program. Now, we’d like to show you some of the product’s qualities that make it the greatest and most appropriate choice for you. Pay close attention to them.

Learn More about the MBOX to Roundcube Export Program

  1. Simple to Operate – The MBOX to Roundcube transfer tool’s user interface is straightforward. Its presentation is straightforward and uncomplicated. We promise a seamless MBOX file to Roundcube transfer.
  2. Migrate in Bulk – The program performs best when converting unlimited number of files. The software imports MBOX files in bulk into Roundcube Webmail. The number of files that may be converted at the same time is infinite.
  3. The Preview Function – The preview function of the program is really useful. Before importing MBOX files into Roundcube, they must be verified. If you don’t have any other choices to open MBOX files, try this MBOX viewer.
  4. Operating System Compatibility – Windows devices may import MBOX files into Roundcube. To effortlessly export MBOX files, use an MBOX-to-Roundcube converter on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7.
  5. Standalone – You may quickly import MBOX to Roundcube without any additional software. The program is self-sufficient and doesn’t force you to download additional settings in between the task.


You can now import MBOX to Roundcube in the simplest techniques possible. Our comprehensive approach has various advantages. It allows you to manually export MBOX folders and files. It can import MBOX files to Roundcube as well as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail, Office 365, Zoho, and other email clients. Consider utilizing the application if you want to export MBOX files into Roundcube or another account.

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