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How to Create Good Amazon Product Listings For Your eStore

Amazon Product listing are important for your customers to understand your products, so you need to focus on Amazon product listings if you are running an Amazon store. Listing your products on Amazon and waiting for sales is not sufficient to achieve the desired results. Amazon has thousands of sellers selling millions of products and you need to make your products visible amongst them. To create attractive and high-quality Amazon product listings you can add detailed Amazon product descriptions, highlight your bestsellers, provide easy navigation and do a lot more.  

By reading this post, you will learn how to create listings on Amazon efficiently. 

Table of Content

  • Overview
  • How to Create Effective Product Listings for Your Amazon Store?
    • Crisp and Relevant Titles With Rich Keywords
    • Detailed Amazon Product Descriptions
    • Highlight Benefits & Amazon Key Product Features in Bullets
    • Optimize Your Images
    • Add Amazon Product Videos
    • Keep Competitive Pricing
    • Proper Amazon Product Categorization
  • Final Thoughts On The Anatomy of Perfect Product Listing
  • Connect With Us

Overview on Amazon product Listing

To attract customers to your Amazon store, it is crucial to create informational and high-quality product listings. There are numerous ways by which you can create good product listings to help your customers understand your products better. In this blog, we will discuss important methods and tips following which you can create good Amazon listings and sell more products online.


How to Create Good Amazon Product Listings for Your eStore?

Following are a few factors that you should keep in mind while creating product listings to improve visibility:

Create Relevant Amazon Titles With Rich Keywords 

Must create short and catchy titles for your products with important keywords to improve Amazon product visibility.

Create Amazon product titles crisp and easy to read. You need to ensure that the titles you are creating are relevant to products and can attract potential customers. SEO-friendly titles make your products rank on the search engine, for that you need to include popular keywords in your titles. Create product titles of not more than 250-characters, and rather keep them within 200 characters to make them short and crisp. Try to use the keywords in your title naturally, instead of stuffing them. Also, create the product titles as per the guidelines and standards set by Amazon. 


Make your Amazon Product Listings Look Perfect

Improve your product view to create listings that can help you sell more and scale up your conversion rate.

Professional Amazon product listing pages attract more customers which boosts sales. To make your product listings look good, occupy the provided space on the product details pages smartly. Place videos and images in a way that it does not look overcrowded. You can try using the grid or the list view methods. In the list view, you can display one product in a single line while if you choose grid view you can display two to four images. Though both the methods are good to improve your product view, most brands use grid view to display their products as it attracts more attention from the viewers.


Detailed Amazon Product Descriptions  

Informative product descriptions help your customers know about your products quickly and efficiently.

Do not create short product descriptions and rather keep them a bit descriptive. Product descriptions are important for your customers to know your offerings. Therefore, you must mention all the key features and details of your product on your product detail pages. A high-quality Amazon product description will improve the shopping experience of your customers. As per the Amazon guidelines, product descriptions must not exceed the 2000 characters limit. 


Provide Easy Navigation

Categorize your products and include them in the navigation menu to make product navigation easy for your customers. 

Navigation plays an important role in improving the click-through rate and conversions of your eCommerce store. If your customers can navigate the products easily, they will have a good shopping experience, and will return back for more. To make the navigation easy for your customers, you need to categorize your products well. After that you are done with the categorization part, you can display product categories in the main navigation menu. Proper categorization and good navigation between product pages will help the customers to compare different products simultaneously and quickly decide which one to purchase. 


Keep Bestsellers Higher In The List

You can keep your bestselling products on the top to gain customers’ confidence and sell more at your eCommerce store.

Amazon sellers can keep bestsellers top while creating product listings. Doing this will help you attract relevant customers and let you sell more. Bestselling products have good ratings/reviews that can win customers’ confidence. Making your customers view bestsellers first will create a good impression of your brand in front of them. 


Do Not Miss On CTA Buttons

Missing CTA buttons on your product pages can shoot up the cart abandonment rate of your eCommerce store. Even if you are creating high-quality product listings with proper insights into your products, missing out on CTAs will be a waste of effort as you will not get sales and conversions. You can add Call to Action buttons like “Add to Bag”, “Add to Cart”, “Wishlist”, etc on your pages. Ensure that your customers do not need to struggle to add a desired product to the basket or cart.


You Can Count On Product Recommendations

Include CTA buttons on your product pages to help the customers add products to the cart quickly.

Amazon product recommendation is one of the most important features that eCommerce store owners have started relying on to grow their business. So, many eCommerce platforms including Amazon rely heavily on product recommendations to drive the majority of their sales. Therefore, including product recommendations in your Amazon product listing pages can play an important part in converting your leads into sales. Product recommendations suggest similar products to the customers that they have already seen at your store. Though it is wise to use product recommendations, keep in mind that you are suggesting the correct products to your customers. 

Keep Competitive Pricing

Set competitive prices for your products to ensure that you do not miss any of your potential customers.

One of the other things that can improve your product listings and can attract a larger target audience is keeping your product prices competitive. Price plays an important role in improving your store’s sales. Therefore, you should not miss keeping a look at your prices and analyze whether they are lower or equivalent to your competitor’s products. You can set the prices of your products by yourself, but that can be a time and effort-consuming activity. To set the prices manually, you have to research the market and then come up with the prices that are competitive enough to attract your target audience. For small product listings, you can set the product prices manually and use Repricers for big Amazon product listing.

Provide Bulleted Features & Benefits

The best way to highlight the product’s key features and benefits is to provide them in a bulleted format.

Factors to consider for creating premium Amazon product listings: 
  • Create crisp and relevant product titles
  • Include correct and detailed information in product descriptions
  • Highlight benefits and key features of products
  • Optimize product images
  • Add product videos
  • Set Competitive Prices
  • Categorize well

How to Create Variations From Your Existing Amazon Product Listings?

If you are struggling to attract customers to your Amazon store. Then you should try to create variations from your existing Amazon product listings. Keep in mind that not all have the same taste and preferences for your product offerings. For example, some customers may prefer the red color of a product, while others can pick green. A few will add a 64 GB variant of a phone to the cart while others will pick a 128 GB variant. Therefore, you must add product listing variations to your existing listings to meet the customer’s requirements.

Creating variations from your existing Amazon listings can also enhance the shopping experience of your customers. If you have products of different colors, shapes, and sizes, there will be fewer chances that your customers will move to other stores. Also, keeping variations of your products will help you sell more and boost your conversions. 

Following are the steps that you can follow to create a variation for your existing Amazon product listings:

  • If you want to create a variation from your existing Amazon product listing, the first step will be to log in to your Amazon Seller Central Account by visiting
  • After that, you have to search for the product(s) for which you want to create a variation.
  • After you are done selecting the item, click on the drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the item and then select the Copy Listing option.
  • Now, reach the vital info page and fill in the mandatory fields marked with an asterisk sign. 
  • After that, reach the Variations tab and use the Variations Theme drop-down list to choose the variation that you want to add to the product. 

Important Note 1: You will only be able to locate the Variations tab option along with the  Variation Theme drop-down list if you are selling a product that supports variations functionality. 

Important Note 2: After you have selected a variation theme, and have created a product, there will be no option to change the variation theme.

  • Now, enter the values of the variation theme that you have selected in the above step. Suppose if you have selected size, then you need to enter values like S, M, L or 28, 30, 32, etc.  
  • After you are done listing all the terms of the variation selected, you can click on the Add Variations button.
  • Now, add the size Map and the SKU. If you will not add the SKU, the system will automatically generate a seller SKU for you.
  • After that, you have to set the item condition and provide the price and quantity details. You do not need to add the Product ID immediately.
  • So, you can now click the Save and Finish button, if you are done adding the required information.

So, the variation that you have created will now be added and for confirmation, a green callout will be visible. Following the steps mentioned in this section, you can create a variation from your existing product listing.

Final Thoughts On The Anatomy of Perfect Product Listing

If you want to create high-quality Amazon product listings that can stand out in the factor. 

From creating Amazon product titles and descriptions to categorization your products. Each factor plays an important role to improve the visibility of your products on Amazon. With competition increasing on Amazon each passing day, Amazon sellers need to create attractive and high-quality product listings to attract their audience. Also, creating Amazon product listings ensures that your customers have an unmatched shopping experience at your store. 

Connect With Us

At Data4Amazon, we provide Amazon product listing solutions that can cater to all your requirements related to creating premium and high-quality Amazon product listing. Then, outsourcing Amazon product entry services to professionals like us will save your time and effort. If you want to know more about our services you can reach out to our website. And if you want to make product listing solutions enquiries, you can connect with our Amazon virtual assistants at contact numbers, +44 203 514 2601 | +1 585 283 0055 or can write to us at

In short:- Are you facing challenges while creating product listings and attracting customers to your store? Here, you will find detailed information regarding how you can create high-quality Amazon product listings.

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