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Honda Activa 125 Price – Mileage, Images Features


Since 2009, the Honda Activa 125 has been in the Indian two-wheeler market and it has been able to gain quite a lot of popularity among its buyers. This small scooter from Honda comes with an engine capacity of 125 cc and delivers power outputs of 8.1 bhp at 6500 rpm and a peak torque of 10 Nm at 5500 rpm. The wheels are made of alloy and the scooter comes with disc brakes on both wheels, which further enhance the braking system of this small machine.

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The Honda Activa 125 Scooter in detail

The Honda Activa 125 is a scooter is one of the best Scooter in this Segment. It has a mileage of 60 kmpl and has a ground clearance of 169mm. The scooter is available in Four colours- red, white, Black and blue. The seat Height is 712mm. The Honda Activa 125 was first released on October 5th 2013 for the Indian market only but now it is also sold internationally.

The company claims that Activa 125 is tough, easy to handle and affordable.

The company also claims that this product is suited for those looking for an economical way of transport which can be used both as a daily commute or simply as a recreational vehicle.

There are five different variants of this bike: Standard (Rs 76000), Deluxe (Rs 84,000), Alloy(Rs 79000)


Why buy a Honda Activa 125 Scooter

The Honda Activa 125 is a scooter that has a max speed of 75 kilometers per hour. This scooter also comes with 3 different versions: the Standard, Special, and Executive. The price of the Standard version starts from Rs. 76k to 84k depending on where you live in India. The Executive version is available for Rs. 44k to 48k while the Special version costs Rs. 76k to 84k in India. The mileage varies from 60 km/litre which makes it one of the best options if you are looking for fuel efficiency. It is also a very safe option since it comes with Drum and Disc Brakes Models as well to ensure safety when braking suddenly or going downhill.


Comparison with the competition

The Honda Activa 125 is one of the most affordable scooters available in India. It’s a basic mode of transportation that provides a comfortable ride but there are a few drawbacks to it.

Firstly, the Activa 125 is not meant for long rides so if you’re expecting a motorcycle-level comfort you’ll be disappointed. The seating position is upright which is great for shorter commutes but can get uncomfortable on longer drives.

There’s also no suspension on this model so bumpy roads will feel rougher than with other models. Lastly, the engine doesn’t have much pickup to it making it hard to speed up quickly or overtake slower vehicles on the road.

One thing I did like about the bike was how easy it was to start. All you need to do is twist the throttle twice and your good to go!


Honda Activa 125 Specifications


The Honda Activa 125 is a two-wheeler that can be ridden by riders above the age of 18. The weight of the scooter is 111 kgs and it has a fuel efficiency of 60kmpl.

It has a large seat which measures 712 mm in height from the ground. The bike also comes with a side stand that makes it easier to park when not in use.

The engine of the Honda Activa 125 has a displacement capacity of 124 cc and the maximum power output is 8 bhp. The mileage for this scooter is around 60 kilometers per liter making it one of the most fuel efficient bikes in India today. There are various types of gears present on this model including; three gears forward and one gear reverse.

One thing to note about the Honda Activa 125 is that it does come with a headlight and tail light. It can help you to get clear vision if you plan on riding it after dark, you won’t need additional lights.

This scooter weighs 111 kilograms but don’t let that fool you because the frame design means there’s plenty of space for both rider and cargo so even though it’s light weight, you can easily take along your luggage or groceries!

The Activa 125 has an advanced layout as well as top quality brakes in order to make sure all your journeys are safe.


Honda Activa 125 Scooter Ride & Handling

The Honda Activa 125 is a great scooter for first-time riders. It is also perfect for parents looking to buy a scooter for their child. The scooter’s handling is easy to get used to and it has a low center of gravity, which makes it easy to ride.

Furthermore, the Activa has really good Comfort ride Quality makes it feel like you are driving a Comfortably. Lastly, this is one of the most affordable scooters on the market today. You can easily find a Honda Activa 125 Scooter Upto 84,000/-!

The Honda Activa 125 comes with an engine displacement of 125ccs, a Strong engine with a maximum power output of 8.8 PS and a top speed limit of 110 km/h.. Additionally, it comes with two disc brakes (one front, one rear). These brakes provide excellent stopping power as well as greater stability while braking due to their larger surface area.


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