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How To Choose Custom Magnetic Boxes?

The benefits of using Custom Magnetic Boxes are numerous. For starters, they eliminate faulty promises and claims. They facilitate smooth communication and transparent action. The next benefit is cost-effectiveness. Besides, these boxes are very attractive and convenient for your customers. So, get some today and see for yourself how it can benefit your business. After all, no one wants to waste their time on an unreliable product. And besides, who doesn’t want to be more satisfied with the products and services they bought?


Creating custom magnetic boxes can be an excellent way to make your goods look more professional. These boxes are made of a magnetic material, which enables them to be opened and closed easily. Depending on the type of material used, you can even have partitions or forms to help your customers. Different companies pack different items in custom magnetic boxes, so you should understand the differences between these options. Knowing what these boxes are made of will help you decide which is best for your product.

Using a magnetic box for your packaging will give your products a higher level of confidence and brand recognition. When your boxes are made from a magnetic material, your customers will know you are serious about your products. Magnetic boxes are a great choice for high-end products, because they exude confidence. For a quality solution, choose a company with a reputation for great customer service. PakFactory is dedicated to helping you get the results you’re after. Their products include durable rigid boxes, printed magnetic boxes, and secure magnetic closures.

Printing process

You can also choose from a variety of attractive designs and colors. If you want a more personal touch to your products, custom magnetic boxes are an ideal choice.

Using this printing method, you can get high-quality text and graphics. This process replaces a traditional printing press and involves applying ink to a rubber sheet that travels down a conveyor and transfers it onto the substrate. This method is commonly used for specialized packaging, as it produces a glossy hard finish, which makes a dull surface pop. For the most vivid color, you can use CMYK colors.

Finishing options

When it comes to the finishing of custom magnetic boxes, there are several options available. For example, you can use a gloss or matte finish, or opt for a Spot UV or a matte finish. The printing process can also vary, depending on whether it is digital, offset or screen. There are also foiling options available, including gold, copper and silver. In some cases, a gloss finish will be ideal, but if you’d prefer a matte feel, then go for a paperboard with a smooth finish.

The finishing process for custom magnetic closure packaging boxes involves selecting the materials and defining the shape and size.


There are many advantages of custom magnetic boxes. The cost-effectiveness of these boxes is based on the material used to make them. These boxes can be customized to fit the needs of different clients. Some industries require custom magnetic boxes, and some require specialty features like pull-out ribbons or mini-cushion. Today, self-adhesive bows are all the rage on packaging, especially for jewelry and watch brands.

Using custom magnetic boxes can help you achieve a number of goals, from packaging items to promoting a brand. They are cost-effective and can be made rigid to protect delicate products. Magnetic boxes are also available with bows and rope handles to give them a personalized touch. They can also be used to package non-magnetic items. The cost-effectiveness of custom magnetic boxes is another reason to choose this packaging method.


There are many types of custom magnetic boxes and how they can benefit your business. If you have a client who needs magnetic boxes for their industry, you may want to consider adding pull-out ribbons or mini-cushions to their packaging. Jewelry or watch brands may want to use self-adhesive bows as an added touch. Custom magnetic boxes are ideal for this, and there are many ways to customize the size of the box you buy.

Magnetic closure boxes are especially useful when packaging fragile or important items.You can order boxes with different sizes, shapes, and designs to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. Whether you’re looking for a high-end product or a simple packaging solution, Emenac Packaging can design the perfect magnetic box for your business.

ICM Packaging

Magnetic closure boxes are the epitome of premium packaging. They give your product an edge over your competitors, create excitement during unboxing, and speak highly of your brand. If you’re looking to create a box that stands out, ICM Packaging are the company to turn to. They provide custom hinged lid magnetic boxes, which are the perfect way to advertise your brand, while also making a strong first impression.

Luxury custom magnetic boxes have an upscale look and feel. Custom designs are possible on the inside and outside of your boxes, and you can choose a matte or glossy finish to complement your design.

Glide through the mail

One of the most effective ways to make your mail stand out is to design your custom magnetic boxes. These boxes can be printed with your company’s logo or message. The magnetic closure holds the gift tightly, making it glide through the mail effortlessly. They also offer a unique style and feel, making them a perfect gift packaging solution. And, because they are magnetic, you can design them with your own artwork or photo to add that unique touch.

The flip top magnetic boxes are another great way to highlight your brand and products. These custom boxes are often used for selling clothes, electronics, and curated gifts. You can even create a bespoke size for the box. They are a premium packaging solution that makes your packaging stand out from the rest. Here are a few benefits to using custom magnetic boxes:

Embossed or debossed

Whether your product is a luxury item or a cheap one, custom magnetic boxes are an excellent choice for a unique, elegant look.Custom magnetic boxes are a great way to brand your product and help customers open and close it with ease.

Embossed or debossed labels are available for custom magnetic boxes and can be used to increase their resale value. This type of design is also popular for promotional items, such as magazines and catalogs. Custom magnetic boxes can be customized with a logo or name. For a more sophisticated look, spot UV printing is another way to customize magnetic boxes. This process adds a high-gloss hard finish to the box, leaving a sharp image on the surface.

Printed with spot UV

Spot UV printing on custom magnetic boxes can be a great choice for a company’s packaging. This type of custom packaging is perfect for a company looking for a more masculine look.

The process of custom foil stamping uses heated dye and metallic foil to transfer the design onto the box. The result is a high-quality, professional finish that adds value to the packaging. Boxes can be printed on several surfaces and finished with a matte or glossy laminate. The latter process applies a thin layer of transparent plastic over the printed design, giving it an extra durable look. Custom spot UV printing is a great option for boxes because it gives the packaging a contemporary and sleek look. The process leaves the box with a gold-quality glossy hard finish, and helps make the design stand out.

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