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Beautify Your Custom Printed Boxes With New Ideas

You may have come across different ways to design your custom printed boxes. Some of the common ways are Dieline templates, High-definition artwork, size, and style. Read on to discover the best ways to design your boxes. We will also cover the importance of high-definition artwork. You should make use of high-quality images for better printing results. Listed below are some ideas to beautify your custom printed boxes.

Designing a custom printed box

Adding stickers to your packaging gives a personal touch. They can serve as a seal for the box or an informational label on the outside. Not only will this add to the aesthetic appeal of the packaging, but stickers can also educate customers about your product or brand. Some brands even consider including diecut stickers inside the boxes as a souvenir for customers or as special gifts. By adding a personal touch, your packaging will stand out from the crowd.

Consider the personality of your target audience. Certain colors evoke different moods in consumers. Colors can be bold, muted, or neutral. A classic blue Tiffany box, for example, conjures images of luxury and trustworthiness. Similarly, a yellow box evokes a sense of nature. In choosing a color for your custom box, keep in mind your target audience’s tastes.

Dieline templates

A dieline is a three-dimensional version of a product. The dieline is used to compare the new product with an existing product and is a great opportunity to incorporate feedback from all relevant parties. Making adjustments before production will save time and money. If you don’t have the skills to design a dieline yourself, you can hire a professional designer to take the reins. They will have the experience and the software necessary to create a high-quality dieline.

If you have the expertise to draw a dieline, you’re almost halfway there. Most dielines are JPGs. If you want to make sure your design is professional-looking and cost-effective, you can ask a printing company for a dieline before you begin working with them. Pinterest is full of dielines for beautifully folded gift boxes, but they’re aimed more at the crafty crowd.

High-definition artwork

When it comes to designing custom printed boxes, high-definition artwork is critical. Whether it is a photograph or a design, you want your finished product to look exactly how it looks on screen. High-definition artwork can make all the difference in the end product. To start with, you’ll need to choose the correct material. Custom printed boxes are best created with Magic White material, which offers the highest degree of definition for prints. If you’re not sure what type of material to choose, we’ve listed a few options below.

Printed in high-definition, HDPrint uses the latest digital technology to add a wow factor to your packaging. The quality colors and design aesthetic are evident with HDPrint. Dark colors will look extra glossy and lighter colors will appear shimmery, almost matte. While both methods are effective, you’ll want to choose a material that will complement the look of your boxes. HDPrint can produce high-definition art in less time than other methods.

Size and style

Custom printed boxes give a new definition to packaging. They protect, store, and sell products while communicating the quality of your products. These boxes also help you stand out from the competition. Here are some ways to make your products stand out:

Corrugated boxes are available in standard and premium white, as well as rustic brown. While most custom boxes require a minimum order quantity, you can order a single box or a large volume. If you don’t need a lot of custom printed boxes, you can choose any style and size to display your products. There is no minimum quantity requirement for custom printed boxes. Because you can customize your packaging to your needs, you can change the look as often as necessary. The shortest lead times in the industry, with printed proofs shipped the next business day.


Besides providing a practical purpose for packaging goods, custom burger boxes can be used to spread brand information. Incorporate website URLs, company names, taglines, and contact information on your box. In addition, a custom box can display QCR labels that can spread contact information in a more digitally attractive manner. This can lead to a high return on investment and increase customer loyalty. Read on to learn about the benefits of custom printed boxes.

Custom printed boxes help to reduce product loss through shipping. These boxes provide easy-to-read information about the product’s weight, packaging instructions, and brand logo. Moreover, they can display supplemental information, like ingredients and best before dates. These boxes can also promote brand image by helping retailers better stock their shelves. Custom-printed boxes are an ideal choice for a variety of reasons. These reasons, however, are just a few.

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