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Why We Convert PDF to Word and Word to PDF

MS Word and PDF are the most important and frequently used document processing software by users belonging to different fields. Everyone is quite long of users that prefer these two top of the notch document processors. However, these two software programs are not used only used one at a time, the users frequently interchangeably use them.

The professionals interchangeably use them in their documents specifically while acquiring information and data also, while creating and archiving reports. There are several reasons why users convert their documents from one format to another, as both the tools have their distinct features and benefits.

In this article we would go through the reasons why we need to convert PDF to Word and Word files to PDF format. 

Why We Need to Convert Word into PDF

Instead of managing your originally created document in MS Word using the same format is more convenient and appropriate when using the Portable Document Format (PDF). If you are corporate person and regularly needs to exchange documents and files with your clients or employees, then PDF document format can assist you in several ways.

To Retain Formatting and Alignment

The main reason users convert their Word file into PDF is because the formatting you choose and set while spending your precious time and energy is lost. The moment a Word file is opened in a different device after being download it format changes from the originally saved. 

Moreover, your formatting still be lost using the same PC in case you use a different printer for hard copies. The eBooks and reports that contains table of content will mess up all when the Word copy of it is opened on another PC, as in long documents page numbers usually change. That’s why it’s best to convert your Word files into PDF ones.

For Safe and Secure Transfer

Another reason why PDF format is preferred is that your document’s security is not compromised. The crooked users using EXIF data could dig into your files. Also, they can extract the information your Word document file contain while being shared online.

Any persons you are trusting your documents while sharing could also alter them according to their requirements. In order to completely make your documents secure to share and upload online converting them to PDF before sending is the best way.

Less Storage Occupation

Another notable reason why we need to convert our .doc to PDFs is the amount of space Word files occupy. As a matter of fact, the PDF files can occupy comparatively a less storage space than MS Word files. Also, with their small storage size they are transferred at a much faster pace.

Why We Convert PDF to Word

Every business and company deals with excess of files and documents daily. It may consist of forms, brochures, manuals, invoices and even contracts. These different sort of files requires editing, layout designing and many other organizing feature that are not supported by PDF. Below are mention the reasons why we need to convert PDF to Word files with pdf to word converter online. 

Editing and Updating

The most notable purpose behind converting a PDF document into MS Word file is the freedom to edit the document accordingly. As PDFs are non-editable files and for the files that needs to be updated or requires a revision must need to be convert in Word format.

Incorporate world, documents requires updating frequently and they need to be revised, so it’s better to convert business documents to Word to easily edit them. After converting portable document file into Word files we can conveniently update them and make amendments.

Styles and Formatting

Unfortunately, the freedom to format your text accordingly is missing in portable document file. We can’t edit fonts, page layouts and various other styles. Different documents have different formatting requires that needs to be fulfilled.

In order to style our documents in various formats it is preferable to convert these PDF files to Word files. Most importantly, PDF also don’t offer spelling and grammar checking feature along with other writing assistance, so in these cases it is better to convert PDF to Word with online word to pdf converter.


The MS Word is available to almost every user having Microsoft Windows, while comparatively fewer users have PDF viewers installed. In order to make your document universal and easily accessible for all the recipients. It is better to convert them in Word file.

Furthermore, the PDF also lacks the collaboration features which is annoying for many users. Instead MS Office allows collaboration features. So, in order to avail collaboration bundles converting portable document file to Word files is a better option.

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