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Why Outlook is Downloading Duplicate Emails? – Solved

Many Outlook users have reported receiving duplicate emails in their Outlook POP3 accounts. But the problem is that they don’t know why Outlook is downloading duplicate emails and they don’t know how to stop it. So here we present all the important reasons and how to remove duplicates from Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook is an online email client for sending emails and downloading emails to your inbox. Most users face the problem of Outlook downloading duplicate emails. This problem can make your inbox unmanageable and display incorrectly. If you have a business account, this problem can affect your business. This is simply because you cannot spend time deleting all the emails. Also, you don’t know if you will download these emails again.

If now we talk about why Outlook downloads duplicate emails, it happens when the user opens the option to leave the email on the server. Because Outlook Mail Manager always tracks emails downloaded using the linked account. In addition, there are several other reasons why we are responsible for downloading Outlook, as follows:

  • Incorrect settings in Outlook account
  • Two copies simultaneously
  • Some third-party antivirus programs

Why Outlook is Downloading Duplicate Emails? – Top Reasons

When you understand why Outlook downloads duplicate emails. In this section, we will mention some manual solutions to help avoid emails in Outlook. So keep reading this blog because the fix is ​​near.

  • Learn how to stop copying emails in Outlook
  • Here we discuss the solutions that we have encountered in the past.

#Damaged or Infected Email in Your Mailbox:

How your inbox may be infected with a virus or malware or corrupted. This is why Outlook downloads duplicate emails. Delete suspicious emails from your inbox and contact your administrator to delete duplicate emails. If you cannot solve the problem using this method, please refer to the next solution.

#Open Outlook on Another Device:

Most users open their Outlook emails on various devices to solve performance issues. But opening an Outlook account on multiple devices such as a PC, laptop, mobile device or tablet will download the same email. To fix this, you need to delete the emails one by one from your inbox. If the problem is not solved, please check the procedure below.

#Multiple Accounts are synchronized with Outlook:

Users sometimes set up their personal and professional emails together, resulting in balanced emails in Outlook. Although it is easy to work by making it useful to have all the emails in one place. But it’s confusing if the email keeps repeating itself in your inbox. So make sure that the accounts are separate and don’t share the names of just one Outlook account.

#Outlook Settings May not be Configured Correctly:

MS Outlook can generate duplicate emails for each send/receive cycle in your account. This can happen if all messages on the replication server have the option “Keep a copy” checked. To fix this, you must disable this option in the account settings of all versions of MS Outlook.

The following steps will help you disable the save option:

  • Run MS Outlook on your device
  • Go to Device Settings and select Account Settings
  • Now select the given account in the email tab and click on the Change button
  • Click Add Settings.
  • For this option, go to the Advanced tab and in the sender pane, uncheck Save a copy of the message to the server and click OK to finish.

Imported PST Files in the Same Account:

Before you know it, users will be importing recently exported PST files for backup and conversion. This problem causes Outlook to download duplicate emails. Importing PST files can create duplicate emails for all mailboxes.

To extract PST files from your Outlook account:

  • Start MS Outlook on your device
  • Select the Tools tab, then click Account Settings
  • Here, go to the Files tab and select the PST file you want to extract
  • Click Delete and then click Yes
  • Click Close to complete the process
  • This approach usually solves the problem, but if the problem occurs, see the next option.

Unlawful Rules:

MS Outlook rules can be changed incorrectly, so the set rules will not be applied correctly. Incorrect settings in Outlook can cause errors and create duplicate files.

To remove such a policy, follow these steps:

  • Open MS Outlook on your system
  • Click Device Settings and select Policies & Notifications
  • On the E-mail Policy tab, verify that there are no invalid policies. You can create new rules, modify or delete rules as necessary
  • Select the rule you want to delete, click Delete, and click
  • Click OK to complete the process

Alternatively, if you are looking for a third-party tool to remove duplicate emails in Outlook, you can use SysTools Outlook Duplicates Remover Software. This tool is designed to handle such situations. This will save you time.

Automatic Way to Delete Duplicate Emails from Outlook

Many users have problems copying emails in Outlook. So, in this blog, we will explain why Outlook downloads duplicate emails and how to fix them. We also talk about how to delete duplicate emails in Outlook. This allows you to select multiple Outlook files at once. Therefore, you can do many OST and PST file removal duplicates. The effectiveness of this tool remains unchanged when it comes to deleting duplicate emails from different files.

This tool can preserve the folder structure of disk while removing duplicates of Outlook PST/OST/BAK files. Also, this tool saves Outlook mailbox meta properties after processing.

You can download duplicate email removal software for free to test the paid tool. You get all premium software features in free software. But the demo tool has its limitations. With the trial software, you can only delete 15 items in one folder.

Why Outlook is Downloading Duplicate Emails via Software

Follow these steps to resolve duplicate emails in Outlook.

Here is a five-step tool that works to remove duplicate emails from Outlook

  • Run the this Utility on your Windows computer System

Download Duplicates Remover

  • Click Add Folder or Add File button to add PST, OST or BAK files

Add Files

  • To remove duplicates, select within folder and Across

select folders

  • Now select the action you want to apply

choose delete options

  • Click Next to start the deduplication process, and then click OK.

start the deduplication process

Final Decision

Many users have experienced problems with copying emails in Outlook. So, in this blog we will explain Why Outlook is downloading duplicate emails and how to fix it. We will also discuss ways to remove duplicate emails in Outlook.

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