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Things You Need To Learn About The Coronavirus Antibody Test?

Several outlets are spreading around and in the news regarding the COVID 19 disease. It is hard right now to tell the distinctions between the tests related to coronavirus. But taking a North Hills antibody testing covid Test will enable the doctor to tell if you had coronavirus in the past and now you have antibodies over the virus. The test is different from the one used to tell whether or not you have the ailment. Here we will provide you with things you require to learn about the coronavirus antibody test, keep reading.

What Occurs During the Coronavirus Antibody Testing?

Did you know that you can perform a North Hills antibody testing covid at home? The test kit will be sent to you through a post and once you have it, read the instructions carefully. You will be required to use the lancet tool from the kit to prick the tip of your finger and squeeze some blood into the test tube. If you are not self-isolated, you can request someone to take the tests if you are nervous. After performing these tests, you can post your test through the postbox.

What Enables an Antibody to Work?

During the antibody testing at North Hills, the doctor removes a sample of your blood by pricking your finger. The tests help to tell whether you have both types of antibodies over the virus that results in coronavirus. There are two types of antibodies which include;

  • IgM antibodies come almost immediately when you have added the infection.
  • IgG typically takes a lot of time to develop after infection.

In most coronavirus cases reported, IgM takes 14 days to develop when the symptoms start. The symptoms usually stay in your blood longer once the infection is completed. But it is difficult to determine how long the antibodies tend to wait for the new infection. The doctor needs small blood to do the antibody tests at the North Hills clinic. To get the health sample, the doctor will require to do the following;

  • They will clean your skin.
  • Then, use an elastic band to tie above the area requiring blood collection. Tying up helps your veins to swell up with blood.
  • Your health provider will then inject the needle into your veins so that they can collect blood, typically from the back of your hand or inside your elbow.
  • The blood will be stored in a syringe or q vial.
  • Lastly, your doctor removes the band and withdraws the needle from the vein.

Occasionally, the doctor uses a fingerstick to perform the North Hills antibody testing covid. With this technique, the doctor first cleans the finger. After, they will use a small needle to prick the tip of your finger to collect the sample.

Benefits of Having an Antibody Test and When It Is Performed?

Antibody testing is also referred to as serology testing. The right time to perform the tests is when you fully recover from covid 19. The availability of tests will determine your eligibility, and these tend to vary mostly. The practitioner begins by collecting the blood samples. They can either use a syringe to collect blood from your vein or prick your fingertip. The health provider will then take the blood sample to the lab for analysis. Then, they will determine whether or not you have any antibodies against the virus.

Your immune system generates the antibodies. The proteins are purposely made to fight and remove the virus from your system. Suppose the North Hills clinic results show that you have antibodies in your system, which means that you have covid and defeated it by getting antibodies against it at some point. It can as well show that you have had immunity against the virus. But more research will be required to determine if the antibodies protect you from another coronavirus infection. It is also unclear how long these antibodies will stay in your blood, and the level of immunity is also not clear.

Research is still ongoing to tell more regarding the newly developing antibodies. Usually, the accuracy of these antibody tests will be detected by the time and the type of the antibody. Suppose you perform these tests early when you have just had the virus might not detect the antibody. That is why you must take these tests 14 days after these tests have been detected and the symptoms have developed.

Suppose the tests are done, and the outcome is obtained. If you have recovered, you can then donate your plasma. Plasma Is a critical component in your blood because it creates antibodies. You are allowed to donate your plasma to help others boost their immune system so that they can fight infections and viruses. This type of plasma is referred to as convalescent.

Final Thought

A North Hills antibody testing covid results can also be false positive. If the outcome turns out to be positive, this means you had contracted coronavirus in the past, and your system was able to defeat it since you developed the antibodies. But getting a positive outcome does not always mean you are protected from getting infected by other viruses or Covid. You can get these tests at the North Hills clinic near me. Here you will get a variety of products and advanced health care services. 


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