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The Latest Version Of The Root Genius

What is Root Genius? It is a rooting software for Android mobiles and tablets. What is the purpose of rooting?  Rooting is the process of allowing users of the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control over various Android subsystems. It will increase the advanced features and functions of the devices. Is rooting safe? Yes: rooting is safe when you use a proper rooting tool. Also, the safety of the rooting depends on what changes make after rooting. Is it available for free? What is the latest version? You no need to worry. I will give you answers to all questions along with the article. 

Why do we need rooting software downloads?

When we use a mobile device, we have to face some terrible effects, such as a lack of internal storage space, limits to downloading apps, etc. But, we can not delete any pre-installed app to increase the internal storage space. Hence, what can we do to overcome this problem? We can root our Android devices using rooting software. As a rooting software, what is the best? The Root Genius is the safest and most trusted rooting software among users. 

Introduction – Root Genius download

It is one of the best Android rooting software downloads in the online market. It comes with both Root PC download and Root APK mobile version. Likewise, both two versions will root your devices with 100% safety. Also, it comes with a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. The rooting tool is available for free download. Hence, you can download it from the official website without charge. For a successful result, download the latest version of the rooting tool.

What are the beneficial features?

Due to some significant features, the rooting app download-Root Genius has become the best among other competitive software.

  • It automatically roots your device in recovery mode.
  • The rooting tool boosts the device’s performance with a single click.
  • It comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Compatible with both Windows and Mobile platforms
  • It is available for free download.
  • You can launch this software without installation
  • The Application size is small and compact
  • Accurate and secure tool
  • Processing time is good
  • Works without any lag

What are the advantages?

  • Installation of custom ROMs
  • Remove pre-installed apps
  • Provide complete Admin powers to the users
  • It helps to upgrade your devices to the latest
  • Install incompatible apps
  • More display options and internal storage space
  • Helps to remove preinstalled App
  • Ad-blocking for all apps
  • More outstanding battery life and speed
  • Helps to complete backup and restoring, including Application backup

The latest version of rooting apps download

The latest version of the Root Genius APK free download is V.2.2.89 (bug-fixed version). Its file size is 13MB and confirms better stability throughout the processing. 

The latest version of the root PC download is V.3.1.7. It is compatible with any Android device which does not support the mobile version. It has the highest device and firmware compatibility. Both versions are available for free download. Hence, you can download it from the official website for free. 

Why does the PC version better than the APK mobile-based version? 

The PC version is more stable and confirms the highest device and firmware compatibility. Due to its stability and security, people like to use the Root Genius PC version more than the mobile version. Also, when we use a PC version, all instructions are displayed on the screen. Therefore, you can root your devices following the instructions without trouble. It requires many complicated wired connections and time. But, the APK mobile-based version does not require complex wired connections and time. You can download it directly to your Android device. 

How to download it?

Here we provide the preparation part and the simple step guide to root the Android device with Root Genius. For a successful result, the preparation part is more valuable. Hence, keep in mind to fulfill these requirements before rooting. Also, go through each step in order to succeed in the rooting process. You can download rooting software from the official website easily and quickly.


For mobile-based version

  • Confirms the proper battery life
  • Remove the micro SD card till the end of the process
  • Uninstall your antivirus program on your Android devices
  • Enable all unknown sources

For PC-based version

  • Download the USB driver for your device and install it on your PC
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your device
  • Back up your data on your device
  • Make sure the exemplary battery power during the process
  • Uninstall the antivirus program on your Computer

How to root?

  1. For rooting apps download, visit the official website
  2. Then click the download button on the root PC download
  3. Wait a few seconds to complete the download process on your Windows computer
  4. After downloading, find the downloaded file.
  5. Now connect your device to the Windows PC. 
  6. Launch the rooting tool for the PC app and wait a few minutes for it to detect your Android device
  7. Accept the user agreement to install it.
  8. Now open the app and tap on the “ Root it” icon to start the rooting process.
  9. Then the device will automatically reboot
  10. You can confirm that the rooting process was successful by using the “ king user” app.

What are the troubleshooting tips?

  • Similar rooting apps and virus guards force to stop the rooting process. Hence, remove and disable all similar rooting apps and virus guards.
  • Download the latest version for your Android devices for proper working. If the newest version does not work correctly, uninstall and download the most recent version again.


If you wish to enhance your device’s performance with rooting, the best solution is Root Genius. It will root your Android devices with a single click. Likewise, the rooting software consists of the PC version and APK mobile version. The root PC download has the highest device and firmware compatibility. But, both of them are 100% safe to use. The rooting tool is available for free download. You can download it from the official website due to unavailability in the Google Play Store. Now you can try. Enjoy it.

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