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Organize a removal with a moving company

Assuming that moving and moving a house with a moving company is an exhausting experience, surely almost no one will feel like “the after”.

moving company

Organizing your house after a move using a moving company is said to be a daunting task. And it is that it is to hear the word “moving” and a cold sweat runs down your back. And the after? Many say that it is usually much worse. Surrounded by boxes, with little time, with a space to explore,…

What can go wrong? If you follow the advice we give you, we do not believe that anything can go wrong.

In moving house: 5 Successes in the organization


Well, we are talking about how to organize our house after a move. So let’s get down to business.

To settle correctly after a move you must start well from the beginning. And this includes the very beginning of the process. Follow these 5 Tips that will make it easier for you to disembark in your new home:

Pack judiciously. The best advice we can give you is to organize yourself from the moment you start putting your things in boxes. It’s basically about organizing and prioritizing. Organize your boxes by rooms; do not mix items from different holes.

Give priority to the boxes and pack accordingly: when you get to your new home, the bedding will be more important than the picture frames and vases on top of the dresser.

Get rid of what you don’t need. In other words: clean. Throw out anything that is broken or out of date. Donate what you no longer use or do not serve you, such as clothes. Try to give a second life to the items you have buried at the bottom of the closet.

The ease or not of unpacking and placing your belongings will depend on how well or poorly you have done before moving.


Most important step

Hire a professional moving company. Let’s see, did you think that we were not going to recommend it to you? Have you checked on Leader Removals μετακομισεις αθηνα? Organizing a house after a move is a professional thing, right? And who are the professionals of home transfers? Moving companies have the necessary means, experience and training to tackle your home project.

Unpack sooner rather than later. What yes, we already know, emptying boxes does not feel like it! Waiting to unpack when the moving company comes is the number one enemy of organizing your home after a move. Even though it’s the most popular thing to do. If you wait too long, not only will it take longer to settle in and feel comfortable, but the design and organization of spaces will be affected.

Establish an order to unpack your things. As we have already mentioned, priority is key when unpacking your belongings. Unpack and organize thinking from the outside in, from big to small. We talk for example of starting with the borders of each room, organizing the largest items of the move. Why do you start looking for a sock drawer if you’ve still got us the chiffonier, the blackboard or the toy chest?

Leader Removals

The very day of the move…


Keep on hand crackers or fruits like easy-to-eat bananas or peaches, canned tuna, square bread, cereal, and those things that fill hungry stomachs quickly and don’t need refrigeration.

Βe sure have immediate access to cleaning equipment and products. Even if you’ve cleaned the house before you move in, everyone’s in-and-out is going to it a mess, so you better have what you need on hand to give it a quick clean.

And super important: cell phone chargers. I don’t even have to explain why.

Unpacking the moving truck…

1. Assemble the beds first and put the mattress on them at once. Don’t put your things one after another forming a pile while you unload. This will cause at the end of the day everyone to be tired, and the last thing you want to do is have to remove loads of bags and heavy things in order to sleep.

2. Do install the dryer, the washer and the oven as soon as possible.

3. Review your list of super fast foods, decide what you are going to cook that day (or the next day, depending on when you finish moving things), and go to the supermarket to buy what you need.

The day after the move

1. Get up early so you’ll be able seize the day. Take a shower, put on comfortable dress (do not remain in your night wear) and eat a straightforward but nutritious breakfast that will keep you full for a few hours.

2. Start with that one room that you just for the most part utilize or that must be unpacked first. It may be the kitchen, or in the event that you work from domestic, possibly the office is the room you wish to introduce to begin with. Go opening all the boxes or sacks stamped with #1 (taking after the framework we talked approximately some time recently), or those merely know contain the foremost vital things.

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