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How to install Cinema app on FireStick-Latest guide [May 2022]

This guide will provide detailed instructions on how to install Cinema APK onto FireStick. These steps can also be used to install the app onto Amazon FireStick 4K or Fire TV Cube.

Cinema HD, formerly HDMovies, is one of the best ways to stream movies and shows for free on your FireStick. This app offers a wide range of content to enjoy. There are hundreds of episodes and flicks available for streaming. It uses the best scrapers to find high-quality streams from many servers around the globe. Cinema APK is now the most downloaded streaming app after Terrarium TV was shut down.

Accessing a large collection of content is only part of the equation. It’s also about easy access. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to quickly select the content you want. It quickly finds streaming links and plays them almost immediately. Even though it was originally designed for Android Touch devices, it can be adjusted to fit on the TV screen. It is compatible with your Amazon FireStick Remote 100 percent.

Cinema HD APK has many useful features such as Real Debrid integration and Trakt integration. This improves the streaming experience. Subtitles can be added in many languages to almost all videos. Cinema APK for FireStick, a must-have application, allows you to view high-quality content. It’s also part of our top FireStick apps.

How to Install Cinema APK in FireStick

Cinema APK must be sideloaded on your FireStick device. It is not available from Amazon Store. As follows, we will use the following sideloading apps and two methods:

  • Downloader
  • ES File Explorer

You can choose from any of these two methods to install Cinema APK onto FireStick.

Installation Prerequisite

FireStick can’t allow you to install third-party apps unless you enable the security setting Apps from Unknown Sources. This is what you need to do:

1. Turn on your FireStick/Fire TV device. Navigate to the top of the screen and choose Settings.

2. Select and then open the My Fire TV item.

3. Click Developer Options in the next window.

4. Turn Apps From Unknown Sources ON or OFF if it is disabled.

5. Click When prompted, confirm your intent to keep it on by clicking.

Once you’ve completed this step, you can use one of these installation methods to download Cinema APK from FireStick.

Method 1: Install Cinema APK using FireStick and Downloader

Downloader is the most powerful sideloading tool available for FireStick, and all Fire TV models. It’s lightweight and simple.

First, you need to install the Downloader App. This is how to do it in the Amazon Store.

  • Select the lens icon in the FireStick’s top-left corner to access the Search section.
  • Download the Downloader app.
  • Follow the instructions to install Downloader.
  • Once that’s done, you can install Cinema APK on FireStick.

Now, proceed with the below steps.

1. Click the Home tab to the left of the Downloader App. Click on the empty space for URL entry to the right

2. Using the onscreen keyboard, enter the URL of Cinema HD download from its official website.

Click to GO.

3. The Cinema APK file will now start to download. It will take some minutes if your internet speed is slow.

4. Scroll down until you see the Next link at the bottom right.

5. When it appears, click Install.

6. Let the app be installed.

7. After FireStick finishes installing Cinema APK you will see the App Installed. You can run the app by clicking Open. If you want to return to Downloader app to delete the APK file that you have just downloaded, you can click Done.

8. Click to Delete.

9. Click to delete again.

With the help of Downloader, you have successfully installed Cinema APK on FireStick.

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Method 2: Cinema APK using FireStick and ES File Explorer

You can only use one of these methods, as I’ve said before. You don’t need to use this method if Cinema APK has been downloaded through the Downloader app.

ES File Explorer can be a great addition to your FireStick. This is more than a file manager. It also has side loading capabilities. To install ES File Explorer, use the search function on FireStick’s home screen. Just click the lens icon at the top-left corner to search for ES File Explorer.

Follow these steps after installing ES Explorer

1. Click Tools in the left panel and select Download manager. You can also click the Downloader icon in the upper right corner of the window

2. Next, click on the +Newoption at the bottom

3. This is the dialogue box you will see next

4. Enter the URL (Same as above) in the Path, and type a name of your choice in the Name field. It is also possible to leave it blank.

Click Get Now

5. The download of the Cinema APK file from FireStick will take ES File Explorer about a minute to complete

6. After the download is complete, click to open the file if prompted.

7. Now, click Install at this prompt

8. Scroll to the bottom of the next window. You will first see the Next link. Later it will turn to Install. Click Install.

9. If you want to start Cinema APK from this window, click Open. Click Done to open it later.

Cinema APK has been successfully installed on FireStick with the ES File Explorer app.

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Cinema APK is one of the most popular FireStick apps, and it’s a must-have for any online streamer. You can choose from a variety of content. You will never run out of options for streaming movies or episodes. The interface is easy to use. Get this app.

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