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How to Convert Excel Contacts to iPhone? – Two Methods

Are you in a hurry to know how to convert Excel contacts to iPhone? Then, stop here and you get a reliable solution to do it. In this blog, we will discuss two methods for converting Excel contacts into iPhone without facing any hassle. Let us see users query for the same to convert Excel contacts to iPhone.

“Hi, I am John and I want to save all my professional and personal contacts in an Excel CSV file and recently I have purchased a Macbook. Now, I want to export all my XL contacts data into my iPhone so that I can easily access them anywhere. But, I do not have so much technical knowledge about this. So, please someone guide me to a reliable solution for the same. ”

Now, let us move towards the solution to import Excel contacts to the iPhone one by one.

Techniques to Import Excel Contacts into iPhone

A Microsoft Excel saves all contacts in XLS or XLSX format, which is not supported by most mobile phones. So, that’s why users are searching for ways to convert from Excel to iPhone. Before explaining a suitable way for the same, let’s make one clarification that there is no direct solution to do that.

However, there is no direct technique to transfer contacts from Excel to iPhone contact, users need to follow the below steps.

Excel to CSV>> CSV to vCard>>vCard to iPhone via iCloud. Let us start the process to convert excel contacts to iPhone.

Step 1: Change the Excel Contacts File to CSV File Format

  • Firstly, Open the Excel file which has contacts that have to be transferred to the iPhone.
  • Now, in the File tab, choose Save As an option
  • Select CSV(Comma delimited) (*.csv) option in the save as option
  • Then, rename your file, save the file, and complete the process.

So, this step has been performed as the Excel file generates its output in XLS, XLSM, or XLSX file formats and these are not compatible with the iPhone. The main reason we have performed this step is to change the Excel contacts to CSV format. Users have to change this CSV file to the vCard file format to convert Excel contacts to iPhone.

Step 2: Change Resulting CSV File to vCard Format?

  • Click on the Start button and type your contacts in the search box. Under Programs, click on the Contacts.
  • Now, Next, the Contact window opens. Then, click on the Import to import contacts from a CSV file
  • Now, “Import to Windows Contacts” windows will appear. Select the CSV option (comma separated values) from the list and click on Import button to continue
  • Click on Next, select the CSV file to import. Click on the Browse button to find the file
  • After that, select the CSV file to convert the contacts into your system. And, hit to Open button to confirm your file selection
  • Click on Next to continue. All text and contact fields are displayed here
  • Now, Map all the fields in the same way. After assigning the text and contact fields, click on Finish to start the import process.

Now, users can manually convert XLS contacts to vCard file format but it has certain shortcomings that cannot be avoided. So, below we have mentioned some manual limitations:-

Limitations of Manual Method

Therefore, if users have imported a CSV file into vCard file format manually for transferring further then, keep these shortcomings in mind.

  • A large number of vCard files become difficult to manage.
  • A separate VCF file for each contact is generated in the CSV file.
  • Moreover, the 2.1 version of vCard is not supported by iCloud.

Automated Solution to Convert Multiple Excel Contacts to iPhone

We advised them to use some professional solutions to avoid all these above restrictions. Use Excel Contacts to vCard Conversion Software which is a great app for the same. This tool can quickly and simply convert Excel contacts into iPhone. Both technical and non-technical users can use this utility without facing any error. And, there are no limitations to perform this task, the users can easily use this software to get the final result without wasting time and efforts.

However, if users have a large number of Excel contacts on their iPhone then this automated solution is the best way to do it. It supports all types of user queries and issues for converting multiple or single Excel contacts to iPhone using the tool. Now, after understanding about the software, let’s take a look of its working steps which is below mentioned in steps:

Working Process to the Software

Follow these steps to make it easy & simple to convert Excel contacts to iPhone using tools.

1. Download & run the software on your Window machine.


2. Now, click on Browse button to select an MS Excel file. And, the tool will display the following screen. select the desired MS Excel file and hit on the Open button

browse contacts


3. Now, the software will let you Preview the whole content of the selected XLSM, XLSB, XLAM, XLS, CSV, file, as shown below

preview contacts

4. Then, matching the fields, click on the Add button. The utility will now display the list of matched attributes. Click on Next

map attributes

5. Finally, the Excel files will convert into vCard contacts.

conversion process

So, this is complete automated software to convert Excel contacts to iPhone without facing any single error. So, we just suggest you to use our automated software which is best for your conversion process.

Author Suggestion

In this blog, we have discussed a complete solution for how to convert Excel contacts to iPhone? So, there are two methods which are manual & automated methods. The manual method is a lengthy and time consuming process for non-technical users. And, they are looking for another solution.

Then, we suggest an automated software to complete the conversion process of converting multiple Excel contacts to iPhone easily & quickly. Now, the choice is yours’s which one is better for you to import excel contacts into iPhone.

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