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How to Break a Long PDF into Pages?

I’d appreciate it if you could show me how to break a long PDF into pages since I have a 3GB PDF in my hand. I’m also seeking a reliable solution that allows me to extract pages out of a PDF without losing any data or style. To my coworkers, I need to attach some of my PDF pages to an email.

If you’re having the same problem, this article is for you. Respectively MANUAL & AUTOMATED options are available here. To render your PDF documents SMALLER and EASIER to view.

Separate a PDF Personally in Google Chrome

The Print function in Google Chrome allows you to divide and retrieve pages out of the PDF. Take all reasonable steps to split a PDF into many pages:

  • Open big PDF files with the aid of Chrome.
  • Press CTRL+P or choose the Print Icon.
  • On the display, there is a Print window.
  • You now type in the page numbers that are required.
  • Click Save at the end.

This Manual Solution has the following flaws: To print or save the specified PDF page, the page number must be entered correctly. And if you’re dealing with large, important PDFs, this is both time-consuming and unprofessional. However, this is a great approach to utilize if you’re dealing with a PDF containing 10 pages.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to Break a Long PDF into Pages

Download the full version of Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Read these instructions to split a PDF into numerous pages:

  • It is recommended that Adobe Acrobat Pro DC be opened.
  • Firstly, select File from the menu bar.
  • Secondly, you can choose a PDF file by selecting Open.
  • Tap Split Documents after selecting Document out of the drop-down menu.
  • The ‘Split document’ screen will display; select your options & hit OK. You choose out of the various options:
  • A specific number of pages be included: The maximum number of pages per split be selected.

The file’s parameters are: Depending on the PDF file’s maximum size, divide it into sections.
High-level bookmarks: If the PDF has bookmarked pages, this capability might be useful.

Points to Consider: Splitting a PDF into multiple parts is possible by selecting ‘Apply to Numerous’.
Select the necessary PDF out of the Add Files option and click OK.

Ultimately, save the multiple PDF files that result in any directory & tap OK.

There are several disadvantages to using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC- You must acquire the complete license of this application in order to Split up a PDF into Multiple Pages. Furthermore, the vast majority of customers have stated that this method is unreliable, and they recommend using a verified PDF splitter instead.

Making Use of a Powerful Tool to Separate a PDF into Numerous Pages

Fortunately, you can find a remedy that is both dependable and elegant, and it’s available in a free version that can divide into five PDFs. The Split & Merge Tool is available for download here.

Simply pursue the four methods below to divide a PDF into numerous pages:

  • Firstly, Adding files or folders lets you divide PDFs, by selecting Add Files.
  • Secondly, several PDF splitting settings are available, including Size, Odd Pages, Even Pages, Range, Split By Page and Each Page.
  • Make sure the ‘Split’ option is selected.
  • A pop-up window appears following the execution. Accept the default.

What’s the Point of Endorsing This Tool?

In my role as a technical specialist, I compile all of my assets (technical material, expertise, and approaches) into a single PDF each year. One day, I started hunting for content for one of my technical essays. Nevertheless, I was unable to find any information on the topic.

I turned to YouTube in search of a solution to my problem, and that’s how I discovered this software. I tried the beta trial & opted to purchase it in the long run.

This program lets me easily divide a PDF into many files without losing any data or formatting.

My PDFs seemed to be able to be sent via email attachment after using this program, and I found the statistics I needed.

Perspectives from Experts

CNET- There is no better way to divide a PDF into several pages than with this method.
Soft32- This software receives a 5-star rating and is described as a simple way to split PDFs.
SoftwareSuggest- It was acclaimed for its flawless deployment.
Software Informer & Softpedia- The service was put through a virus-free and clean-up test.


In conclusion, we are talking about the manual and the professional method to break a long PDF file into pages. Users have to try the manual method first before using a third-party solution. Make sure you know all the limitations of the manual methods. After all, we recommend the third-party software preferred by the experts. well, the article will help you with step by step guide and the full detailed working of the software and the manual method.

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