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How Many Levels Are There In Kindergarten?

According to data from the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and a 2021 Business Insider report, Canada has the highest level of education in the entire world. 

As a parent moving to a new country, you want the best for your children, and education is frequently a top priority. The Junior Kindergarten in Surrey, Canada, might be different from the one in your country, and the information might be confusing because it came from several different sources.

In this article, we will look at Kindergarten education in Surrey, Canada. As we walk you through the kindergarten levels of education and what your kid will learn in preschool. We’ll provide you with practical advice to help you choose the best choice.

How Many Levels Are There In Kindergarten? | Kidzville learning Centers

Levels of Kindergarten in Surrey: 

To be eligible for primary education, students must complete kindergarten, which is the first phase of compulsory education. In the first place, kindergarten education serves as the foundation for further education. Additionally, children are introduced using a mix of play and formal teaching approaches. Kindergarten is your child’s first systemized classroom experience, separated into two sections.

  • With the exception of a few private institutions, which provide junior kindergarten (JK) to 4-year-olds. The Northwest Territories normally offer one year of kindergarten. Conversely, “preschool” is the name most people associate with the year of education that comes before kindergarten.
  • Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, and British Columbia all require kindergarten attendance; all other states do not. Kindergarten is known as grade one in the province of Nova Scotia, which is located in Surrey, Canada. However, the children move on to grade one after finishing junior kindergarten in Surrey.

The Kindergarten system differs from country to country and is a crucial component of lower-level education.

What will your Kindergarteners Learn?

As a matter of fact, it’s crucial to understand that educational standards differ throughout regions, counties, and schools. Likewise, the two juniors, like all sorts of people, learn at the same rate. However, parents can help children excel in kindergarten by instilling a lifelong love of learning in them.

Kindergarteners also acquire the following skillsets | Kidzville Learning Centers

We’ve included a list of the essential Kindergarten learning milestones below. With the help of tips on what your kindergarteners will learn at Surrey daycare, your children will excel this year.

Learn Sight Words and Sounds- 

Your child will be able to identify, name, and write all 26 letters of the alphabet. Furthermore, by the completion of kindergarten, including both uppercase and lowercase. Whereas, they’ll be able to read about 30 high-frequency words, often known as “sight words,” such as and, the, and in, and will be able to identify the correct sound for each letter.

Writing Instruction- 

Kindergarten kids in the classroom will learn how to write basic CVC (consonant, vowel, consonant) phrases like “hat,” “red,” and “dog.” Additionally, they will write a brief, basic phrase like “The cat raced home.”

Numbers and Counting- 

Children in kindergarten will learn to identify, write, arrange, and count things up to 30. Accordingly, they’ll also do simple addition and subtraction. Through the second grade, the emphasis will be on addition and subtraction.

Learn and Identify Objects- 

Circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles are just a few of the typical shapes that youngsters in Childcare in Surrey programs will learn to recognize and describe. However, they will be able to recognize, arrange, and categorize things according to their color, size, and form at the end of the year.

Know About Time and Seasons- 

What should kindergarteners know about time and seasons? Kids may comprehend fundamental ideas at this age. They can pinpoint the timing of routine events. Although they are concrete thinkers, it should be noted that time is abstract; therefore, it will still be challenging for them to completely understand it. 

Kindergarteners also Acquire the Following Skill-Sets:

Reading may be the most thrilling aspect of kindergarten. Reading opens up a world of learning opportunities for youngsters. Accordingly, high-frequency sight words and brief, simple-to-spell words will take center stage in the kindergarten curriculum. However, educators also put a lot of effort into developing a number of other abilities to boost students’ reading confidence. Other excellent skill sets that students will pick up include those that are listed below:

Communication Development-

A key component of enhancing communication. The ability for children to communicate with their teachers could be highly beneficial. Consequently, explaining what is happening at home, at school, and in their surroundings

Cognitive and Reasoning Abilities- 

These support students’ exploration, investigation, observation, questioning, and problem-solving. Teachers assist students in formulating plans and promoting discussion. Alternatively, in-depth thought about concepts and involving students in decision-making.

Physical Growth- 

Both large and fine motor skills—the ability to move the arms, legs, and other body parts—are being developed at this time. Playing outside and engaging in physical activity with your class will help with the latter. The latter is encircled with crossword puzzles, painting, and other in-class exercises.

Expression of Emotion- 

The Daycare in Surrey teaches kids how to recognize and control their own emotions. Teachers support students’ ability to identify, discuss, and express their emotions. As well as express empathy for others. However, they also help youngsters develop self-regulation, or the ability to govern their moods and actions.

Social Advancement- 

A toddler interacts with other people in this way, using abilities like friendship, cooperation, and conflict resolution. In addition to helping learners become more socially competent, it encourages the development of these skills.

Excitement and Exploring- 

In addition to reading and learning, there are a few more topics to research, such as exploring. Moreover, exploration and excitement improve brain development in youngsters. It enhances one’s capacity for critical thought, problem-solving, multitasking, curiosity, and questioning.

Final Remarks: 

What, in your opinion, should kindergarten students learn? Let me be clear about something: you don’t always witness fun learning taking place. To conclude, kindergarten is a fantastic place to start in the educational system. Additionally, it supports children in achieving the social-emotional objectives necessary for success in their future academic endeavors.

The Kidzville learning center teaches kids how to master fundamental abilities, including language, vocabulary, and social and mental growth. This will benefit them throughout their entire lives. If you want to learn more about us, the Daycare in Surrey, you can visit our website and access the most recent early educational updates every day.

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