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How Do Android Applications Use AI Technology?

Mobile applications set new goals for each sector. Technological and scientific advances have paved the way for artificial intelligence applications. Today, the Android application development market is growing exponentially with AI.

According to a recent survey, the CAGR machine vision market will grow by 7.7% to $ 18.24 billion by 2025. Our AR & VR application development company has seen many new and innovative mainstream technologies in recent years. AI is one of those technologies that affects almost every growth in this sector. AI further explains the use of intelligence at the human level through machine learning concepts.

Artificial intelligence affects our daily lives in many ways, which increases the global value of technology. Some common applications include:

  • Image recognition
  • Identification, classification, and detection of objects
  • Automated detection of geophysical elements

These are just some of the many AI revenue-generating shares that affect the business mobile application development market. Our Android application development company in India will discuss the integration of AI in the Android application and its impact in recent years on the blog.

Influence of AI applications on Android

Artificial intelligence (AI) allows machines to learn and communicate with humans. People sigh at the comfort of machines and AI applications, which will help them complete their tasks and achieve the desired results.

Another reason for the growing popularity of artificial intelligence-based applications and machines is that they eliminate people’s emotional challenges, leading to mistakes. For example, AI applications are not biased in a particular situation, so their decisions about AI technology remain flawless. Every major sector of the industry adopts artificial intelligence technology. From the tourism sector to healthcare and finance, this technology has become the absolute reality we live in. Let’s now focus on AI applications seamlessly integrated with the Android application.

Artificial intelligence-based applications mix with Android applications

Here is a list of the most important AI innovations included in Android application development:

Computer thinking

With the development of applications for Android, automatic reasoning is the first and most potential part of artificial intelligence. However, the analysis of user behavior is still a challenging task and includes aspects of solving the substructure problem of various automatic reasoning algorithms.

If you hire an Android application developer, use logical reasoning such as a jigsaw puzzle or a theorem to solve the problem. AI-based systems and applications excel in active trading and chess with AI-rich features. One of the best examples of artificial intelligence and machine learning is Uber, which uses automated reasoning. Uber for Android uses artificial intelligence to find the best routes by calculating the fastest route based on real-time traffic conditions.

Image Tagging

Research to find the best way to integrate artificial intelligence into Android is an image tagging process. Developers can now use Image Labeller to interactively mark basic data in an image collection as rectangular Regions of Interest (ROI). This is ideal for object detection, pixel semantics, and landscape image classification.

Facial Examination

It is a computer technology that helps identify human faces in digital images which has become an impressive feature for use in a wide range of applications in a short period also helps track people or things by recognizing their faces in real-time.

It is widely used by Android and iOS smartphone cameras to identify many objects in a shot. One of the best-known examples of this feature is Facebook – the most popular social network. It uses a face detection algorithm to detect the user’s face in their photos.

Text Recognization

Its goal is to recognize texts in image and video formats and at the same time to recognize text from media files. Artificial intelligence divides texts into blocks and sections to reveal the correct text format. Android application developers use text recognition as a standalone or add-on feature and multiple tasks.

Increase Application Productivity

AI can help Android applications be more productive. The most common applications that use artificial intelligence in their operations are Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite from Google. These applications can easily scan data and find important information with artificial intelligence, and it also collects data needed for ongoing communication, such as documents and files.

Personal Content Management

Most applications do not receive the proper attention of the target audience because they have no connection with their users.

With AI, developers can track user preferences and integrate them into the learning algorithm by integrating AI into Android applications. This great AI feature is used in every company-based application sold to strategically present users and gain their attention.


So far, we have discussed the various artificial intelligence-filled applications being launched and how they are changing the world for better prospects. Some of the key findings include:

  • Artificial intelligence can easily analyze a lot of data in Android applications, and
  • Email scanning and automatic smart recovery are the most practical applications of Android AI technology.
  • Artificial intelligence improves our lives indirectly by integrating it with various applications such as fitness trackers.
  • The customer service industry is now using more and more AI applications to improve customer engagement.

Are you looking for artificial intelligence application development services for Android? We are here to help you. Talk to our experts and find out more.

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