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Why India needs cancer care

On average, 1,300 Indians die from cancer every day. With new cases and incidence predicted to increase by 25% by 2020 – it has become one of India’s major causes of death in recent years. Women especially are being increasingly diagnosed with the disease due to the hormonal cycles that can lead them towards developing more aggressive forms when compared with men; this is why we need gender-sensitive awareness programs about how best to combat such cancers so as soon as possible before they claim too many lives
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For example: If a family member finds out he or she has a stomach ailment but fails 2 weeks later after traveling abroad without getting proper medical treatment.

The cancer scenario in India

The importance of awareness can be seen from the fact that 40% of cases are detected early in Kerala. Ignorance and denial lead many Indians to change doctors when asked for a screening or biopsy, which makes it hard to get proper care because they’re afraid of what might happen if you go into detail about your cancer diagnosis.
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The belief that all patients will die regardless leads some people with this illness not to want any specialized treatment either way; however, these beliefs make them more prone towards dying sooner than necessary due to such ignorance on behalf of thyroid cancers.

What is a cancer diagnosis like in India?

Cancer is a terrible disease that has destroyed many people. It takes an emotional and physical toll on everyone involved with the treatment, not just those who are dealing directly with its effects. The high expense of procuring cutting edge technology as well expensive medicines make cancer therapy expensive for average earners; in India, this can be even more difficult because we’re such a fast-growing economy which means there aren’t enough funds available yet when you need everything right away sometimes-we’ll come out strong eventually though!. Cancer may seem scary now but don’t worry – today I am going over how to reduce your risk factors so tomorrow might just become the day you beat cancer by innovative ways of cancer treatment available.

The course of treatment for cancer depends on the diagnosis and stage. The most common treatments in India include surgery, chemotherapy; a combination thereof can also be used – such as radiotherapy with chemotherapy or vice versa to shrink tumors before they’re removed by doctors using instruments like razor blades (known colloquially as “snippets”). Another possibility is immunotherapy which tries to prevent signs & symptoms from returning through vaccines made up specifically against your own anti-body proteins.

Symptoms that are seen in cancer patients.

Cancers are different from one another in many ways, but the most common types of cancer include sarcoma which is usually found outside the bone marrow or near fat tissue; leukemia affects blood-producing cells. Carcinoma can start inside body tissues and spread to other organs like skin and muscle with some varieties being malignant (harmful) whereas others just cause discomfort without causing death sentence due it their location where they arise such as myeloma disease whose origin has been traced back to lymphocytes white corpuscles produced by your immune system during fighting off infection attacks them instead. However, some other common problems like Constant fatigue, Change in Bowel habits, Unexplained weight loss or gain may be experienced.

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