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Why Dubai has the best nursery and international schools in the region

Dubai as a concept is a miracle of modern times- a shimmering mirage of opulence and grace in the desert, except for the fact that it is all very real. The emirate boasts amazing shopping malls, golf courses, plush residential areas, swanky cars, even a ski resort, and of course the highest building in the world. Dubai was created with the intention of dazzling the world and it succeeds.

It naturally attracts the best talent in the world who come to the city to work, earn and live in style. Many of these people come with their families because they know that they will find outstanding nursery and Montessori schools and some of the best schools in dubai where their children will be able to get the best education in the world. That being stated, providing great schooling is something that is taken very seriously in Dubai for a number of reasons. Let us get a lowdown on these.

5 Reasons Dubai has the best nursery and international schools

An Investment in The Future

Dubai wasn’t always a wealthy place. It may have benefited from the oil boom and used its revenues to create a business, tourism, and entertainment hub like no other, but it knows that it has to keep reinventing itself to preserve its success. For that, it needs its coming generations to be fully equipped to be better than the best in the world. There is no better way to do that than to invest in the education of the future generation.

Catering to the Educational Needs of a Diverse Population

Dubai’s population is an eclectic mix of local people, Arabs from other parts of the middle east, and people hailing from nationalities around the world. Then there is the huge diaspora from the Indian subcontinent that calls Dubai home. The educational needs of such a large and diverse population necessitate the creation of a vast educational infrastructure consisting of a diverse range of schools catering to certain specific segments of society.

Schools Are Good for the Economy

Dubai is constantly looking at expanding and diversifying its economy and the burgeoning educational sector with its very large number of schools helps achieve just that. Every new school coming up in Dubai not just directly provide employment, they also set up a whole ecosystem of wealth creation. This includes construction activity, transportation services, security agencies, and a host of other allied businesses.

Exposure to Global Best Practices

Many of the schools in Dubai are a part of global networks that help introduce international best practices to the people of the emirate and thereby ensure that they are on the same page as what is happening in other parts of the world. Children going to preschools, Montessori schools, and high schools that offer the latest cutting edge syllabuses and teaching methodologies turn out really very well and this is exactly what Dubai is currently experiencing. It is surely but certainly making a mark on the international scene with regard to the quality of its schooling.

Always Going for the Best

If there is one thing that defines the essence of Dubai, it has to be always going for the best. That is as true of its schools as it is of everything. The place has some of the best international schools in the world, set up by the leading educational institutions from around the world.  Everything from the infrastructure and pedagogy to the use of technology and the emphasis on the holistic development of children is as good as the best in the world. It is hardly surprising that most ex-pat parents would rather have their children study at a Dubai school than anywhere else.


Dubai is much more than a glitzy destination for the rich. It is a place that believes and invests in its future. There is no investment in the world that will help one reap greater rewards than providing one’s children with the best education in the world. That is exactly what Dubai is doing. Its various world-class Montessori, as well as international schools, are redefining the future of the emirate. Already, students who have passed out from Dubai’s many schools have made a great name for themselves by gaining admission to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the world.

It is a fact that Dubai depends upon its ex-pat population to continue to grow, expand and prosper. That is why the emirate does everything it can to make the lives of this important segment of their populations better in every possible way, including providing their children with the best schooling in the world. No matter which part of the world an ex-pat might come from, there will be a school in Dubai that will be able to cater to the exact educational requirements of their children.


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