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Why Choose Partial Vehicle Wraps For Your Business Fleet?

Vehicle wraps are becoming increasingly popular for businesses looking to increase their visibility and promote their brand. However, a full vehicle wrap may not always be the most practical or cost-effective solution. This is where partial vehicle wraps come in. By wrapping specific areas of your vehicles, such as the doors or tailgate, you can still achieve a great advertising impact while also saving money.

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of choosing partial vehicle wraps for your business fleet.

What Are Partial Vehicle Wraps?

As the name suggests, partial vehicle wraps involve covering specific parts of a vehicle with vinyl material rather than the entire surface. This option offers businesses the opportunity to advertise their brand on a limited budget while still reaping the benefits of a full wrap. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your business, partial vehicle wraps might just be the solution you need.

Partial vehicle wraps are that they offer protection for your vehicle. The vinyl material used in the wrapping process protects the vehicle’s original paintwork, helping to prevent wear and tear. Additionally, partial vehicle wraps provide excellent visual appeal to your car, making it more attractive and professional-looking on the road.

Lastly, partial vehicle wraps are easier to install, making the process faster than installing full wraps. They can be removed easily when you want to change your advertising strategy, unlike full wraps that require much more time to remove and replace.

Benefits Of Partial Vehicle Wraps

A partial vehicle wrap can provide several benefits for businesses looking to make their brand stand out on the road.

Here are just a few:

Cost-Effective Branding Solution:

A partial vehicle wrap is a more affordable option than full vehicle wraps, but still offers the same level of branding impact. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses or those with a large fleet that need to maintain a budget.


Unlike full vehicle wrap, partial wraps allow businesses to select the areas they want to wrap. This gives companies more flexibility in terms of branding placement and allows them to target specific areas of the vehicle for maximum impact.

Protects Paint Job:

A Partial vehicle wrap not only promotes a business but also helps protect the paint job of the vehicle from scratches and minor dents.

Easy To Replace Or Update:

Since partial vehicle wraps only cover certain areas, it is easier and less expensive to replace or update them if the branding needs to change or if the wrap becomes damaged.

Mobile Advertising:

A Partial vehicle wrap is like mobile billboards, attracting attention wherever they go. This makes them a great way to generate brand awareness and advertise a business in various locations.

Overall, partial vehicle wrap provides a cost-effective, versatile, and eye-catching branding solution for businesses of all sizes. If you’re looking to promote your business on the road, partial wraps are worth considering.

Types Of Partial Vehicle Wraps

Partial vehicle wraps come in various types and styles to fit different vehicles and marketing goals.

Here are some popular options:

Half Wraps:

As the name suggests, half wraps cover only half of the vehicle’s surface, typically the top or bottom portion. They provide ample space for branding and design elements while being budget-friendly.

Window Decals:

These wraps cover only the windows of a vehicle and are great for displaying contact information, social media handles, and product or service offerings. They are also transparent, so drivers can see through them while on the road.

Spot Graphics:

Spot graphics are small decals or stickers placed strategically on the vehicle to highlight key branding elements or messages. They can be used alone or in combination with other types of partial wraps.

Custom Shapes:

If you want to get creative with your vehicle graphics designs, custom-shaped wraps may be the way to go. These wraps are cut to fit the contours of the vehicle’s body, creating unique designs and eye-catching visuals.

Matte Finishes:

While most partial wraps use glossy materials to create vibrant colors, matte finishes can provide a more understated, sophisticated look. They are also less likely to show scratches or smudges than their glossy counterparts.

No matter which type of partial wrap you choose, make sure it aligns with your brand messaging and stands out from the competition. Consult with a professional vehicle graphics company to help you design and install the perfect partial wrap for your business fleet.

Installation Process For Partial Vehicle Wraps

Now that we’ve talked about the different types of partial vehicle wraps and their benefits, let’s take a look at the installation process.

The first step is to thoroughly clean the vehicle’s surface, making sure it’s free of any debris or dirt that could interfere with the adhesive. Once that’s done, the installer will begin by carefully measuring and trimming the wrap to fit the specific areas of the vehicle where it will be applied.

The next step is to carefully apply the wrap to the vehicle’s surface. This process requires skill and precision to avoid any wrinkles, bubbles, or creases. The installer will use special tools such as squeegees and heat guns to make sure the wrap adheres smoothly and securely.

Once the wrap is fully applied, the installer will perform a final inspection to ensure it’s perfectly aligned and free of any defects or imperfections. This process can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day depending on the complexity of the wrap and the size of the vehicle.

The installation process for partial vehicle wraps requires careful planning, precision, and expertise to ensure a flawless and long-lasting result. Overall if u want to advertise your business through vehicle wraps partial wrapping is the best solution ever. By choosing a professional installer with a proven track record, you can be confident in the quality and durability of your wrap.

Cost Of Partial Vehicle Wraps

One of the biggest concerns for any business owner when considering a partial vehicle wrap is the cost. While the price of a partial vehicle wrap will vary depending on the size of the vehicle, the complexity of the design, and the type of vinyl used, it is important to keep in mind that this is a long-term investment for your business.

Partial vehicle wraps are a cost-effective way to market your business as they only cover a portion of the vehicle, reducing the overall cost of the wrap. Compared to a full vehicle wrap, partial wraps can be up to 50% cheaper while still providing a similar impact.

The cost of a partial vehicle wrap can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on the size of the vehicle and the intricacy of the design. However, it is important to keep in mind that the benefits of a partial vehicle wrap far outweigh the cost. With proper maintenance, a partial vehicle wrap can last up to five years, providing long-term advertising for your business.

When considering the cost of a partial vehicle wrap, it is important to take into account the potential return on investment. Looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your business, partial vehicle wraps might just be the solution you need. A well-designed partial vehicle wrap can increase brand awareness, generate leads, and ultimately increase sales.

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