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Instagram has more than 1 billion active users per month. It is the second network with the most engagement after Facebook and the one that has grown the most over the past few years. As a result, advertising on Instagram social networks is a priority for many companies today.


  • There are 15 million profiles in Spain as of 2019.
  • The latest developments are Instagram Shopping and IGTV (Instagram Television).
  • The insertion of links in Stories (although for accounts with more than 10K followers).
  • Spaniards create 150% more content in Stories than the global average.
  • The majority of users are still millennials or centennials. Being 66% of people who use Instagram under 39 years old.
  • Those who mostly post content on Instagram are women (56%), compared to 44% who are men. However, thing is more and more even.
  • Instagram has become the perfect place to find new content, articles, videos, photos of friends, the celebrities they follow, brands, places to travel, etc.
  • The platform allows us to execute campaigns adapted to each phase of the conversion funnel.

With such numbers, it is clear that advertising ads on Instagram or Instagram Ads are a great opportunity for many companies that want to find new customers or make themselves known. There are several ways to set up a campaign.


Although advertising on Instagram is promoted on social networks, not all of them work similarly. That’s why you must understand the basics before you start advertising. The Instagram Ads will appear in the news feeds of the selected users as your target audience. These posts will be marked with the “Announcements” label. A selection criterion is followed to decide whether they appear based on the bid and the relevance to the user.


  • Ads in the feed: these are advertisements that appear in the classic timeline and appear to be normal posts, although with the advertising label.
  • Ads in stories: These ads appear in the same vertical format as the images or videos in stories. They indicated that they are promotions but are very natural, and an ad appears every 4 or 5 stories.

Videos, images and gifs can be used to carry out the promotions.


Once you have understood how Instagram Ads are displayed and the types of formats that can be included in them, you have to take another step to advance in creating advertisements on this social network. It’s about understanding the types of campaigns that can be run based on your business goals:

  • Awareness (Notoriety): This advertising campaign on Instagram aims to obtain brand visibility. It is ideal if you intend to improve the reach of users you reach, as well as the frequency with which they remember you. It is also recommended for local dissemination actions.
  • Consideration (Prestige): It is recommended to achieve objectives related to clicks on the website and presenting yourself as a valid option in the user’s purchase consideration phase. It also improves the scope and frequency of interaction with the specific target.
  • Conversion: If what you are looking for are interactions with an app, content downloads, lead capture or purchases, this is the best Instagram campaign formula for your business.

Taking into account the types of campaigns on Instagram Ads and specific types of ads, you must be very clear about the company’s objectives and the most appropriate formats to achieve them before advertising on this social network.


Once you have understood how advertising works on Instagram. It is important to know how you can boost a business using it. Here are some of the benefits that you could obtain by betting on the ad campaigns of this social network:

  • Improve visual impact: Getting the audience’s attention with prime ad placement in their feed is easy on Instagram if you’re committed to launching campaigns with high-quality images and videos.
  • Branding: Due to the visual importance of Insta ads, advertising campaigns can greatly boost the brand awareness of your audience.
  • Community growth: Instag Ads also serve to grow the brand’s community. This means that you promote a new channel of direct communication that could increase the frequency of sales, as well as improve the general vision that the target has of the company.
  • Specific marketing actions: advertisements can also become a tool to promote certain marketing strategies. So, for example, you can use them to introduce a new product, offer an ancillary service, or allow your customers to get a trial.
  • Contests are liked by almost everyone and are a perfect strategy to capture leads you can then work on in an email marketing strategy. Thanks to Instagram, you can also enhance your brand in that sense.
  • TIP: We recommend you to visit internet marketing agency like Mavenup Creatives. It is the best instagram marketing agency that provides its best services all over the USA.

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