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What Do The Lights Mean On My Canon Printer?

If the printer is running or is set to print, it will clean the print head and make sure it is ready to use. Once the print head is cleaned, it creates leftover ink that is eliminated from the device to absorb the ink. The ink absorber kit functions like an ink pad which can be used to store the waste ink within the lower area within the printing head.

If the tank that is used for waste is empty, then the error message will be displayed when the printer is used to print particularly “Ink absorber full” with error code [5B005B00. If the error code is detected, an indicator lamp will flicker between yellow and orange, and after that, seven times. If this occurs , the printer ceases functioning and must be addressed immediately.

In order to correct the ink absorber’s waste malfunction, the procedure is carried out by two phases. The first is to alter the inside of the kit. Once the kit for ink absorption has been repaired, the next step is to reset the counter to count the waste ink back to zero.any other issue related to printer visit our website printer repair dubai. Once the two steps to repair are complete, the printer will return to normal and ready to use once again. This is the method to repair the Canon Pixma IP110 printer that has an ink absorber with an error which is full of ink 

Problem Description

Operator Call Error

Alarm LED blinks 8 times

Error Warning Ink absorber about completely. [1700]

NOTE: If the waste ink counter is 95 percent, and the printer is alerted by the printer, it will display an alert “Warning The ink absorber is almost full. [1700]”. This is known by the name of “Operator Call Error”. If you get this message , press on the key STOP 1x, which will stop the printing.

Service Call Errors

Flashing cycles of power and Alarm Seven LEDs

Error: Ink absorber full

Error code: [5B00] from abroad error code [5B00] from overseas [5B01] Japan, Japan

Note: If the ink absorber’s capacity to waste is reached 100%, it will show”error code “Ink absorber full [5B00]”. It is also known by the name of” service call error” or “Service Call Error”. If this error occurs, then the Power as well as the Alarm lights will be lit up at a time, seven times a second. The printer can’t use it.


  1. Replace or clean the kit to ensure ink absorption.
  2. Set the counter of the absorber ink to zero.


  1. Removing or cleaning the kits ink absorption

Kit for ink absorption for Canon Pixma IP110 can be located in the lower area to the right side of your printer. Make sure you possess a brand new absorber kit before disassembling the printer. If a new ink absorber kit doesn’t seem to be readily available , the alternative is to clean the ink absorber kit. This is the way to cleanse the ink absorber unit.

– Remove the kit to help absorb ink, and place it in a dish which is overflowing with water.

If the water seems cloudy, you can replace the water with a fresh one.

Repeat the process until the kit for absorption of ink is totally clear.

Once you’ve used the absorber kit to soak it in dye, let it dry under the sun, or in the air to dry it.

– Ensure that the ink absorption kit is dry prior to replacing it.

If you want to clean or replace the ink absorber, you need to disassemble the printer because this kit is situated at the bottom of the lower part of the printer. Follow the steps in the image below to disassemble the Canon Pixma printer.

Once the ink absorber unit is repaired, the next procedure is to set up your printer using a different manner. Make sure you have the assembly put together in a safe and correct manner to prevent the possibility of further injury. Also visit printer repair sharjah. Once the ink absorber kit ink absorption has been replaced or cleaned, the next step is to reset the counter on the ink absorber back to zero.

2. Set the counters for ink absorbers back to zero.

STEP 1 – Enter Service Mode

To reset the Canon printer, it’s essential to enter the service mode. Here’s how to set the Canon iP110 in Service Mode.

Operating procedures for Service Mode

1.) Turn off the printer.

2.) Hold the button and hold and then press STOP.

3.) Hold the button and press it till you reach the ON button (do not allow both buttons to go)

4.) Hit the button STOP (do NOT press ON)

5) While you hold the ON button, press the ON button five times before releasing your ON button.

Step 2. Set your counter on the absorber’s ink cartridge to zero.

From the details from the Canon Pixma IP110 Service Manual To reset the counter that wastes ink, you must use Service Tool Service Tool v.4420 or greater. If you find there is a chance that Service Tool v.4420 is not available, you can use Service Tool v.4502 or Service Tool v.4906 instead.

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In this post, we’ll use Service Tool v.4906 to reset the Canon Pixma IP110.

  • Before running this program, make sure your printer is in the service mode.
  • Download Service Tool v.4906
  • Open Service Tool v.4906. If you’re running Mac OS X, please go to the next page troubleshooting the Canon IP110.
  • Letter or A4 paper.
  • To help you with maintenance, you can search to find the EEPROM (1) data prior to reset. The printer should be able to finish printing. Be aware of the EEPROM information below.

D = Main ink absorber

Dp = Platen ink absorber (AW: platen ink absorber away, HM: platen ink absorber home)

D = Lifetime of the Ink Absorber (DL=00014 is the remaining time of the lifespan of the Ink Absorber which is up to 14 years.)

NOTE:If D is the value D=100.00 then the ink absorber kit must be replaced or cleaned after which the counter of the main ink absorber will have to reset.

If it is determined that Dp AW value of Dp AW=100.0 is exceeded and the Platen ink absorber must be cleaned. After that, you’ll require cleaning the Platen counter for ink absorption. needs to be reset.

If the Dp HM value of Dp HM=100.0 is attained, then it is time to clean the Platen ink absorber has to be cleaned. Then, you’ll have to wash the Platen counter for the ink absorber. This needs to reset.

If the DL setting was set as 000 the primary ink absorber needs to be replaced as the lifespan has expired.

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