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What are the Essential Features to Consider for Developing an Android App?

The overwhelming features are one of the most important things that drive and accelerate online traffic to your mobile app. You should also be aware that Android continues to lead the pack, accounting for 85.9% of the global market share. Many companies have developed mobile apps for their businesses like an eCommerce store app, dating apps, enterprise apps, and more. So, it is essential for the android app developer to commit their complete attention and dedication to integrate the key features. So, when you hire android app developer, make sure they pay attention to the minor details of the project.

Furthermore, mobile app development trends are always evolving, providing opportunities to add new and intriguing features to capture the user’s attention quickly and are customer-friendly. There is always the possibility of personalizing the qualities to fulfill the requirements of the enterprise. So, you must engage with the leading Android app development company to get one such android mobile app.

What are the features to include in the Android app development process?

Below is the list of the features that need to be included in the android mobile app development.

Simple and Easy interface

The first critical element to retain in your Android mobile app development is simplicity with a hint of complexness in the user interface. Make sure that the app’s functioning is user-friendly, meaning that it can be operated by anyone. Even if they have no prior expertise with smartphones. Your android app will be successful if the users can access the desired page with a few clicks.

As a result, creating a shortcut for crucial functions would be beneficial.

With the shifting trends, gesture control has become a critical part of the software that allows developers to add new functions. It ultimately directs to an advancement in the user experience. Therefore, Hire an android app developer who can provide you with a simple interface.

Putting the Enterprise App Features into Practice

Enterprise mobile app development has picked up pace in recent years. Moreover, it delivers unique benefits the businesses are steadily expressing their interest in it.

One of the most notable benefits is that it simplifies the company process by growing communication between individuals and teams. Second, it concentrates on presenting strong security, assuring that the data is protected.

Employees can easily communicate with each other using the corporate apps’ messaging or chat-based features. CRM, ERP, and SAP integration are among the additional functionalities available in the enterprise apps.

The login page should be specific.

Many android mobile apps need users to register with their email addresses and phone numbers. If it is an on-demand app, they prompt to create a personal profile that allows the owner to collect vital data. So, to create a simple registration page, contact an android app development company.

Placing Social Media Tools to Work

Without a question, one of the best and most successful marketing strategies for Android app promotion is social media. So, it is essential to integrate your application with social media channels.

Quick Loading Time

  • The failure of most android mobile apps is their poor loading speed. It is the primary reason they do not get more attention in the market.
  • Users love applications that respond quickly, so when you are adding features to your Android app, make sure that this is at the top of your list.
  • It’s crucial to make sure your software doesn’t take more than 10 seconds to load, and it shouldn’t take more than 15 seconds.

Supporting a Variety of Languages

Another eye-catching feature that will give your Android app a leg up in the competition is the ability to support several languages. So, the language needs to be added on the basis of the target audience.

The key is to keep it Small

Users frequently complain about a lack of memory space, which prevents them from storing critical information. Now it’s up to you to solve this usual problem while working on the Android app. Therefore, you can hire android app developer to reduce or compress the size of the android application to satisfy the users. It goes without saying that the larger the app, the more space it will take up and the longer it will take to download or update. Remember that when you add more features and functionalities to the app, each update increases the size of the app. Perhaps, you can also remove the function which is no longer require in the app.


In today’s market, Android apps have stiff competition in each of the inductors. Offering innovative, user-friendly, and streamlined functionality is one of the most significant things that can set your app apart from the competition. So, hire android app developer to design an MVP of the product. So, that you can get a real image of the market and audience. Because today’s audience is very picky, you must carefully choose the most important features before implementing them.

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