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What Are The Charges For Pest Control Services In Mumbai?

Do you know how much pest control services in Mumbai cost? If not then don’t worry in this article we will let you know the pest control charges in Mumbai. Well, pest control company in Mumbai determine their charges considering a few things. We will let you know the cost of pest control in Mumbai depending on its type and the size of your property.

Let’s the factors that affect pest control charges in Mumbai.

Factors Affecting Pest Control Charges in Mumbai

The type of pest infestation

There are different kinds of pests found in India. And some are commonly known as household pests. But that doesn’t mean you will allow them to enter your house. They can be harmful to your health as they carry bacteria and germs with them. Hence, they can spread viruses and cause infectious diseases. Such types of pests can be mosquitoes, rats, roaches, flies, termites, bed bugs, etc. While providing pest control services in Mumbai, exterminators will consider the type of pest infestation to determine the charges.

The severity of the infestation

Apart from the type of pests, the severity of the infestation is important to determine pest control charges. If the problem is severe then the experts will take two or more treatments to remove the pests completely from your place. And this is what can increase pest control rates in Mumbai. The more treatments will be needed, the higher the charges will be.

Size of the infected area

Well, the size of the infected area is one of the most important factors that determine the cost of pest control in Mumbai. For commercial properties that are very much large in size, pest control companies charge Re. 1 to 1.5/sq ft. Similarly, when you avail pest control services for your home then the size of your house will be considered. Or, if you only the service in the specific area such as garden, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, etc. then the charges will be based on that.

Number of treatments required

Some pest control needs two or more treatments to get removed completely from your place. If the exterminators need to apply two or more treatments then they will increase the charges.

So, these were the common factors that affect pest control charges in Mumbai. Now, we will see the approximate pest control charges in Mumbai depending on different types of pests.

Pest Control Charges in Mumbai, Maharashtra

As we know pest control charges in Mumbai depend on the type of pest infestation in your residence or commercial plot. So, let’s talk about the charges according to different types of pests.

Termite Control

Termites are one of the most stubborn insects that don’t go easily from your home. They are silent destroyers, who can cause severe structural damages to your home. And this is why it is important to remove them completely from your home. And as it requires time to eliminate termites from your place hence, termite control is one of the costlier pest control services in Mumbai.

Termite control charges start at Rs. 1200 for 1BHK home. The charges increase when the infestation is severe or the size of your house is big. Termite control charges can go up to Rs. 9000 for a 3BHK flat.

The reason behind termite control is one of the most expensive pest control services is because of the obstinacy of the pest. These are hard to get rid of pests hence, the exterminators are forced to use toxic chemicals. Termite control service is needed to be done only under the guidance of trained professionals. And this is the reason why termite control services in Mumbai are expensive.

But there are a few agencies that can provide you with a package of termite control services. They will help you with the complete removal of the pests at the same price regardless of the number of treatments are required.

Bed bugs treatment

Bed bugs can be present anywhere from your bed to carpets, sofas, and upholstered furniture. These bugs feed on human’s blood. They make a person their host when he/she is sleeping on the bed. They are not harmful but cause irritation and red bumps on your skin. These are called bed bugs because they hide under your mattresses.

The cost of bed bug control in Mumbai starts at just Rs. 1500.  The charges can go up to Rs. 4,000 depending on the size of your home and the severity of the infestation. Well, the reason behind bed bug control service being one of the costlier pest control services is that you cannot get rid of bedbug infestation in just one treatment. Bed bugs’ eggs cannot be destroyed in just one session hence, the charges are a bit higher than general pest control services.

Cockroach control

Your kitchen and bathroom, specifically beneath the washbasin and sink are the favorite places for cockroaches to live. Cockroaches love moisture which is available in your bathroom and also the food that they easily get in your kitchen and this is the reason why they chose these two places to live in your house. But, cockroaches can contaminate your food and spread infection. This is the reason why you must get rid of them.

Of course, there are several insecticides available in the market in the form of spray, liquid, and powder, but it’s not easy to get rid of cockroaches. Hence, it requires professional’s assistance. Professional pest control experts will help you to get rid of roaches by providing cockroach control services in Mumbai at Rs. 700 to 1500.

Mosquito control

Who doesn’t hate that buzzing sound of mosquitoes at night? But no more worries now, as you can book mosquito control services in Mumbai starting at just Rs 1500 for a 1BHK house. Mosquitoes are also very hard to get rid of. Even though you will be using toxic chemicals or pest control products, they will come again to your property and this is the reason why professional exterminators also need two-three treatments to help you get rid of mosquitoes completely.

Professional pest control companies in Mumbai can be hired for different types of pest control services. And the above-mentioned are the most common type of pest control services that are required by Mumbaikars. If you also want to live a peaceful life without any pests in and around your house then hire pest control services in Mumbai.

For having a pest-free environment permanently do regular pest control at home. The cost of general pest control in Mumbai starts at just Rs. 800. This is the best way to keep those nasty pests away from your home and is also better than paying higher charges for any specific type of infestation.

In Conclusion

Here we have seen the cost of pest control services in Mumbai depending on the specific type of pest infestation. No matter what type of bugs you have in your house, you can get rid of them by hiring the best pest control company in Mumbai. For this, you can rely on where you will get hundreds of pest control service providers in Mumbai. All these companies are licensed and experienced that follow the govt. guidelines while executing the pest control process. You will get free quotes from the top companies to compare pest control charges in Mumbai and hire the one that best fits your budget.

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