What are the benefits of using an Industrial Heat Exchanger?

An industrial heat exchanger, or shell and tube heat exchanger, is one of the most popular types of energy equipment for several reasons. It’s not only functional but incredibly durable as well. Shell and tube heat exchangers are used in a variety of industries including petroleum, petrochemical, pharmaceutical/biotechnology which means that you will likely find it on your primary manufacturing line. escort

Industrial heat exchangers come with many benefits that make them very valuable pieces of equipment to include in your facility especially if you use steam as part of your production process. To understand why purchasing an industrial heat exchanger would be beneficial for your company read more below about the top five benefits;

5 Biggest Benefits for Purchasing Industrial Heat Exchangers

#1) Reduces your energy costs

An industrial heat exchanger uses the hot gas to heat the cold fluid. Cold fluids are sent through the tubes inside of an industrial heat exchanger and then heated by passing it over or next to a hot fluid that is used as the heat source. The transfer process allows for energy savings, cost reduction, and thermal efficiency which all lead back to lower operating costs for businesses.

#2) Eliminate equipment downtime

When you have an industrial heat exchanger malfunctioning on your manufacturing line you can expect downtime for repairs to be minimal. Instead of waiting days or weeks before being able to get back up and running after experiencing malfunctions with other types of equipment, you can typically have it repaired within hours. This is due to the exchangers’ high level of durability and the quick turnaround times for repairs that are available. escort bayan

#3) Increased production capacity

An industrial heat exchanger can help you increase your facility’s production capacity because it can handle higher temperatures and pressures when compared to other types of energy equipment. In some cases, this can lead to an increase in production by up to 50%. 

#4) Safeguard your process environment

A shell and tube heat exchanger is designed to handle difficult and hazardous process environments. If you have a manufacturing line that involves using harsh or dangerous chemicals then an industrial heat exchanger is a must-have piece of equipment. It will help keep your workers safe by containing any potential leaks or spills which are common when using these types of chemicals.

#5) Ease of installation

Shell and tube heat exchangers require little to no maintenance by your technicians because they’re easy to install and usually come preassembled. It also lowers the amount of time for installation for this reason as well. After you receive them, all that is typically required is attaching a few hoses or pipes at the connections points along with the exchanger instead of needing to hire someone to build an entirely new piece of equipment. bayan escort

What are other benefits?

An industrial heat exchanger has many additional benefits apart from those listed above, including:

Even heating throughout the process -Increased durability compared to other types of energy equipment -Ability to handle high pressure and temperature fluids -Efficient heat transfer -Ability to handle various fluid types and viscosities

Manufacturing facilities across the world have realized that in order to maximize their production capacity, increase their energy efficiency, and lower their operating costs it is a necessity for them to invest in an industrial heat exchanger. Its high levels of durability, low maintenance requirements, and easy installation process have led it to become one of the most valuable pieces of equipment on many manufacturing lines today.

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