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Webinar Team

If you have ever held a webinar, you know that its preparation takes a lot of time and effort. You need to make a presentation, set up a webinar room, invite participants, and a lot more. It’s great when you have a webinar team that will take on some of these tasks.

A carefully selected team greatly facilitates the process of preparing a webinar for the organizer. You should not dump all the tasks on one person – it is better to distribute roles and responsibilities. The result will exceed all your expectations if each employee thoroughly takes up only his part of the work.

Who should be on the webinar team?


The speaker creates a presentation, conducts a webinar, makes a report. He interacts with the audience in every possible way: answers questions invite dialogue, arouses interest.

Of course, the main task of the speaker is to realize the goals of the webinar: inform about new services, train, hold a presentation, encourage participants to go to the site, leave a request.

The biggest responsibility of the speaker is that at the webinar he represents the company, is its “face”. And therefore it depends on him what impression the audience will form about the brand. The choice of a speaker must be approached carefully and thoroughly.

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For more information on choosing a role for each presenter, see the article: Assigning roles to presenters.


The designer prepares a presentation, a registration page, and other visual materials that may be needed when preparing a webinar.

It will be good if the designer knows the HTML technologies that are used to create websites and landing pages. Then you do not have to hire an additional layout designer.

Internet Marketer

If the webinar is not promoted, then it will remain unnoticed among other events. Therefore, be sure to include an Internet marketer in the team – an employee who specializes in promoting goods and services in the Internet environment.

To promote webinars, first of all, a marketer creates a portrait of a potential participant and prescribes a marketing strategy. Moreover, it uses various advertising tools: banner and contextual advertising, social networks, email newsletters, cooperation with partners and opinion leaders, and other sources of attraction.

As a rule, after the webinar, the marketer analyzes and evaluates the effectiveness of each promotion channel used and draws conclusions for the future.


The work of such an employee will consist in solving problems related to equipment and technologies. First of all, he sets up the webinar service, connects the payment system, sets up equipment, and answers technical questions from participants during the event.

The moderator also blocks members who send spam in the chat. In other words, it allows the speaker to focus on the presentation.

Keep the team motivated

People want to associate with inspiring, energetic, motivated people. As we are all facing huge transformations in our lives and work right now, it is imperative to find ways to keep ourselves and those around us energized and motivated. 

Motivation is closely related to performance. A study by the Hay Group found that motivated employees were 50% more likely to exceed their performance goals. When we feel motivated, we realize our potential and feel the desire to realize it. 

How to motivate yourself and your team?

1. Pay your people the price they deserve.

When you set wages for your employees, make sure that they are in line with the level that has been established in your industry and geographic region. Remember: 26% of engaged employees say they would quit their current job for as little as a 5% raise. Don’t lose great people because you underpay them.

2. Give them a nice place to work

Everyone wants to work in a clean and stimulating office to feel good. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your office a nicer place.

3. Encourage collaboration within the team

According to, 39% of employees don’t feel their contributions are valued. Encourage your team members to participate fully by inviting them to contribute. Ask questions, listen to the answers and, if possible, implement their solutions.

4. Encourage happiness

Happy employees are enthusiastic and positive team members, and their attitude is infectious. Keep track of whether your people are happy with their work and you. If this is not the case, you can count on this misfortune to spread.

5. Don’t punish failures

Of course, we all make mistakes. This is part of the human experience. The wisdom is to learn valuable lessons from these mistakes and not repeat them. When your team members make mistakes, don’t punish them. Instead, encourage them to try again.

Key recommendations for selecting a team for webinars

You can find candidates for your team on specialized job search sites. You can hire an employee in your city or find a suitable job seeker anywhere in the world for remote cooperation.

Pay attention to the fact that the future employee is familiar with the technology of webinars. So it will be easier for you to bring him up to date and set tasks.

Don’t forget to motivate your colleagues as well. The satisfaction of your team directly affects the final result.

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