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 Warm Blankets for Winter and How to Style Them in Your Home

As the summer comes to an end it is time to once again get cozy and warm in your home. Say goodbye to the long days of hot sunshine and hello to warm and fuzzy nights in front of the fireplace.

One of the best ways to get cozy as winter begins to approach is by getting warm blankets for winter. They are pretty much the unsung hero of the season, allowing us to get instant warmth and comfort whenever we need it. Physically and mentally we will totally benefit from it.

But when it comes to buying the best blanket, there is a range of factors that you should consider. There is more to it than simply buying the color or design that you best like. You will also want to assess a range of other factors that include the type of material and the brands that design them.

Blankets come in a variety of shapes and sizes—all designed with the goal of making you feel great. With different textures and weaves to also consider, along with their thickness and durability of them, you will want to do your homework before buying a blanket.

If you are wanting to curl up and get comfortable this winter in your home, look no further than here when it comes to figuring out how to choose the best blanket for you and your home!

What to Look for In a Blanket

  1. Size Matters

The size of blankets that you can get ranges quite drastically. From blankets that are smaller and meant for pint-sized people to blankets that are larger and can provide comfort for multiple people.

The size of your blanket should also be determined by where in the house you want to have it. Some blankets are made to go on your bed and can be sized from a twin to a California king. Other blankets are made to be throws that can go over your couch.

Ideally, you will plan out where in the house you want your blanket before actually buying one.

  1. Fabric Feels

The next consideration you want to make when it comes to buying a blanket is the type of fabric they are made from. Some common fabrics to choose from include cotton, wool, down, cashmere, fleece, and vellux.

The type of fabric you choose will lead to a very different experience in both how you can style them in your home and the type of comfort they will give you. Fabrics like wool and down will provide a heavier warmth, whereas cotton and cashmere will be lighter and cozy,

It all comes down to personal preference and the type of comfort you are after with your blanket when choosing from the various fabrics.

  1. Weighted Weaves

Blankets also come with a variety of weaves. It is the weave of the design that will directly impact the various level of warmth and comfort that you get. For the winter months, one of the best types of weaves your blanket can have is thermal. This means that you will not only get a lot of warmth but equally lots of air circulation—making it work for the summertime too.

Other weaves that blankets have to include are knit, quilted, and conventional. The weave of a blanket will determine the thickness of the blanket and how you can actually style them in various parts of your home.

  1. Cost Factor

With a variety of blankets to choose from also comes a variety of price points. In general, you will want to choose a blanket that suits your own specific budget. The best blankets are not always the most expensive. At the end of the day, it comes down to getting one that you can not wait to cuddle up in and equally suits the overall style of your home.

Where to Style Your Blanket

Once you decide on the type of blanket you want in your home, it is time to style it accordingly. There are a variety of great locations in your house where blankets support the overall décor too. Here are the best places to consider.

  1. On the Bed

Of course, one of the coziest places in the home is your bed. You can layer all types of blankets on your bed to not only provide you with warmth in the winter but also as décor. Nothing screams winter coziness more than seeing blankets on a bed.

  1. On the Couch

The coach is the next best place for your winter blankets. Style it by throwing it over one of the arms of your couch or in a blanket basket that sits next to the couch. It will be the best finishing touch for preparing your living room for winter.


Getting the best warm winter blanket for your home and styling it is simple with these top tips.


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